Wednesday, 30 May 2012

128. You are my one true love


Necklace:  Primark
Dress:  New Look (Old)
Socks:  Topshop
Sandals:  River Island (Old)
Nail Varnish:  NYC 221 Spring Street
Bag:  Present

Hello lovely people! How are you all? As you can see I have been under going some changes on my blog, only slight changes mind because I get too scared that I will lose everything and have to start all over again! But what do you think? I am still finding out how to do certain things so it isn't perfect yet but I'm liking the change :)

Today's outfit is rather simple but also quite lady-like to celebrate the Jubilee. I wanted to wear this denim dress, mainly for comfort, but also for a 50's feel matching it with the pearl necklace, white lace pop socks and white sandals. I also added in my Vogue shoe bag for the photo's to give it that vintage feel. Hope you like it!

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  1. You look lovely! I love that nail colour. Xx

  2. Your bag is so cute!


  3. Love that dress :) you look lovely in it xx

  4. I love that bag, what brand/make is it!?

    1. Thank you! It's actually from a random little store near where I live so I'm not sure who it was made by, sorry!

      Kirsti xx


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