Wednesday, 29 June 2011

37. The truth will always come out.

Playsuit:  New Look
Denim Jacket:  New Look

Well the sun was shinning when I woke up this morning, hence the playsuit. I was even out in the garden trying to catch a tan, but then around lunch time it clouded over so I put on my denim jacket for when I went out for lunch with friends. I really love this playsuit. I bought it last year from work and liked it so much that I bought it in a 10 because they didn't have an 8, but it still fits just as well. I just think it's such an easy and comfortable outfit to wear and the colours in the floral print are really lovely pastel colours.

I don't usually talk about my personal life too much, but this is such a short post and I've had such a great day so I'll share it :) I had lunch at the local resturant with some friends at lunch who I haven't seen in ages and it was so good! We were there for literally hours just chatting away and catching up on things. After we finally left I went and met my boyfriend and we took my dog for a walk down the beach. He loves it down there and now he is layed out on the carpet absolutely shattered, bless him! It's a shame I didn't take any pictures, but maybe next time! Hope you've all had a nice Wednesday :)

Sunday, 26 June 2011


Top:  New Look
Shorts:  New Look

Ohhh what a beautiful sunny day it has been, apparently, I've been stuck at work!! I was originally wearing my scalloped tights with this outfit to work and my cream brogues, but as soon as I got home and realised just how hot it was I had to take the tights off! I really love this outfit, I just think it goes so well together and is definitely a festival look. I wore this outfit on the first day of the Isle of Wight festival actually! The top is actually from the kids range in New Look and I got it in the biggest size possble so that it was slightly baggy.

Haven't really got much to say in this post today, apart from thank you to all my follwers for following and leaving such lovely comments, and to my new followers too! Every single comment really means alot, I'm glad people actually like to look at my blog and look at my Lookbook outfits too, so thank you to everyone who views my blog :)

Hope you've all had a lovely day in the sunshine, or if it hasn't been sunny where you are then just a lovely day in general :)

Friday, 24 June 2011

The Point, Eastleigh

Today I helped out at the third years fashion and textiles fashion show at The Point in Eastleigh. I was helping set things up and dressing models ready for the catwalk. It was so amazing to see how perfect the third years garments were, and to think that that will be me in 2 years time!! So exciting but also so nerve racking!! I took a few snaps before the actual cat walk show so I thought I'd post them up. Also, a little insite into the shoes if you're interested - the orange and pink/orange and blue wedge shoes are from ebay and the white and lilac wedge shoes are from primark, they've just been painted! You can see it on one of the close up photo's but when someone is wearing them you can't tell at all! And I am soo doing that! And on the beaded ones the shoes were bought plain and then the girl added the beads! So clever! Especially when you have to pay out for everything yourself, so the cheaper the better really!

Monday, 20 June 2011

35. Give me something I can believe in

Cardigan:  Primark
Top:  Kings of Leon band tee
Shorts:  H&M
Pop Socks:  New Look
Brogues:  New Look

Ok, so there are a lot of photo's today, which is a bit vain of me, but hey ho! It looks like my cats wanted to join in with being in the photo's today! The grey one is Indie and the white and grey one is Oscar :) Anyway, I put this outfit together last week and got the top dirty so now that it has been washed I grabbed the opportunity to wear it again and take the photo's this time before I spilt anything down it! I love my Kings of Leon top from when I went to see them in Hype Park last year and it is getting a little faded now. You can't really see it because of my hair but it has a wolf on it. I don't know why but I just loved it as soon as I saw it! I think it goes really well tucked into these brown, high-waisted shorts from H&M and cream pop socks. I wanted to do something different other than tights this time, and it's a good job I took the pictures when I did because now it's raining! I then finished off the look with my cream cardigan and cream brogues, going very neutral with the colour pallet. As you can see in the last photo my brogues are a bit worn now as I got them last year, but I love them so much because they just go with everything and are so comfortable and I don't want to chuck them out as New Look aren't selling them anymore.. I'm just hopeing that one day soon they come in store again so I can buy another pair! Anyone else have a pair of shoes like this that you just don't want to part with? Hope you're all having a good Monday!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

34. It's time that we found out who we are.

Top:  New Look
Shorts:  New Look
Tights:  New Look
Jumper:  Primark (Boyfriend's)

Everything I am wearing today, apart from the jumper, is all from New Look as I had work. I decided to go for a more casual look today but I added in the scalloped tights for detail and to make it a bit different. I love these high-waisted denim shorts, I am so happy I found my size! They go with everything and are so easy and comfortable to wear, especially for work! I am also wearing my boyfriend's Mickey Mouse jumper from Primark, although it is pretty much mine seeing as I've had it for a while now ;) I just think it goes really well and at the same time is really casual and comfortable to wear. I also added the tan plaited belt for more detail too and I wore my cream brogues to finish the look. Hope you like it!

Friday, 17 June 2011

33. If you ever come back..

Cardi:  H&M
Top:  New Look
Skirt:  Hand made
Belt:  Vintage
Shoes:  Primark

This is actually the outfit I wore yesterday. I didn't have time to upload as I went to Portsmouth for the evening with my boyfriend to celebrate our 3 years of being together :) I made the skirt yesterday morning before I went out as I mentioned in yesterdays quick post. I love the fabric and I made sure I made the skirt quite puffy to give it more volume and shape. I paired it with just a simple black top and tights to keep the focus on the skirt, however I did add a light grey cardi to lighten up the look. I then finished off the look with a thin plaited red belt around the waist and my tan brogues.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Shopping Spree

As I mentioned yesterday, I went shopping with my mum for the day and bought some lovely new things, so I thought I'd post up what I bought, and a few things I bought from the festival too which I forgot to add to my festival post. So here they are! The first three photo's are things I bought from the Isle of Wight Festival:

Bad picture :/ Pink & white rose headband

Floral scarf


Floral bag from Primark

My Jewellery from BHS

Shoes from Primark

Jeans from Primark

Ok, so it's safe to say I did a lot of shopping in Primark yesterday, but I just fell in love with these things! The shoes don't look great in these pictures, by they look so lovely on! It's not something I would usually buy, but I want to start wearing heels a lot more and these are just so comfy and would go with most things in my wardrobe, so for £14 I thought it was a pretty good deal! I also bought some fabric yesterday too and made these two skirts this morning out of them, below: