Tuesday, 30 October 2012

179. The best is yet to come..

Necklace: Present from Boyfriend
Belt:  Vintage
Boots:  New Look
Hello beauties! How are you all? Is it just me or has it suddenly become FREEZING COLD over night?! It's crazy! Although today is a lot nicer as the sun is shinning where I am :)
Anyway, enough of my weather ramblings! This is today's outfit as I bought this dress after work on Sunday. This one is from the kids section however New Look are selling it in the adults section too but without the collar. I have been lusting over this dress for a couple of weeks now and I finally broke on Sunday and bought it. I just love the print and the perfectly ironed pleats and the collar detail, it's just the perfect dress for me this season! The adult dress comes with a red belt which I thought really suited the black and white print so I copied and decided to wear my vintage red plaited belt. I think it just brings out the pattern more and adds a touch of colour. What do you think? Are you a fan?
Also, I have some exciting news! I found out yesterday that I have 2 weeks of work experience in January for a fashion styling and photography company called I Heart Studios!! I am beyond excited and cannot wait to get started!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

178. Grainy

Blazer:  Charity Shop
Top:  H&M
Jeans:  New Look
Boots:  New Look

Major apologies for the horrible grainy photo above and the lack of images! I used my SLR camera this morning and the images all came out grainy apart from the close up shot. And before anyone says it, I am sure I had it on the wrong setting but I was in a hurry before uni ha!
Anyway, I thought it was about time I posted an outfit today seeing as I haven't done so in a while. I went for a really casual look today but styled it up with my velvet blazer and wedge boots. Being in uni all day every day at the moment means that I haven't really been focusing on what I am wearing, which is really unlike me, but today I thought I would make a bit of an effort.
Talking of uni, it is really taking it's tole on me. I am constantly tired and have no energy, but I am being a trooper and ploughing on through! Anyone else feeling the strain?

Monday, 22 October 2012

A little insight into my life recently...

Hello lovelies! Seeing as I haven't been around much lately I thought I would share some of my instagram images with you from the past few weeks just to give you an insight into what I have been up to. If you'd like to see more or follow me, my instagram name is 'kirsti24'. I'd love to follow you lovely bloggers if you have instagram! Please feel free to leave your insta names in the comments!
As you can see I have been spending most of my time doing uni work, as I have mentioned a thousand times over!!

All images taken by myself on my phone.

Inspiring Images

Hello all! Sorry it has been so long. Uni work has taken over my life recently - third year fear has definitely hit! So my blog posts will be a bit skattered for a while, but I am still here :) And I just want to thank everyone for still sticking by me and leaving such lovely comments eventhough I haven't been blogging as much as I would like to. It truely means a lot :)
So anyway, seeing as it's been a while I thought I would post up some images that I found recently, and have posted on my tumblr, which I find really inspiring. I hope you do too!


All images found on weheartit.com
These images kind of reiterate my life at the moment too. Working loads, saving money, being in love...

Monday, 15 October 2012

177. Paisley

Blouse:  New Look
Collar Clips:  DIY Self Made
Shorts:  Vintage / Paris
Boots:  New Look
Evening all! This is what I am wearing today. I bought this lovely paisley print blouse from New Look yesterday, I couldn't resist! I seem to have a thing about blouses and just can't help but by them! But you can never have too many blouses, right? ;) I thought I'd add detail again with my DIY collar clips (will be seeling these soon on ebay) and I decided to pair the blouse with these beige coloured shorts which I bought in a vintage shop in Paris for 1 Euro! It's always nice wearing light colours on a dull, cold today like today, don't you think? :)


176. Life has never been sweeter

Blouse:  New Look
Collar Clips:  DIY/Self Made
Trousers:  New Look
Fur Stole:  New Look
Leather Jacket:  Topshop
Afternoon lovelies! I have finally been able to post my outfit from Saturday! For some reason Blogger and Lookbook weren't working for me yesterday, but hey ho!
I decided to put two prints together on Saturday which I wouldn't usually do but I think it worked quite well mixing it up a bit! I also put on my collar clips that I made for a bit of detail. I will be selling these on Etsy and Ebay so I'll update you when I have managed to do that!
I have another outfit post coming up later of what I am wearing today which includes another printed blouse! I just can't help myself! Haha So look out for that! Have a good day everyone :)

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Hello lovelies! I am sure most of you have heard of this amazing company, but I thought I would share them with you anyway as they are holding a lovely competition for all you bloggers! (Details at bottom of post).

REDROCK hold a range of amazing clothing and accessories from vintage to modern in all shapes and sizes and at reasonable prices too! Their lookbook, as seen below, is quirky and inspiring, and fun at the same time! I have put together a little collection at the bottom of my favourite things in stock the the moment.

Anyway, I'll let the images do the rest of the talking...

Top to bottom, left to right:
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4) Then leave your twitter, instagram name and email in the comments below

It is that simple! Good Luck!

If you would like more information about this competition, click here.

Monday, 8 October 2012

175. Nothing will break us.

Blazer:  Charity Shop
Top:  Kings of Leon gig
Skirt:  Primark (about 3 years ago!)
Boots:  New Look
Hello beauts! Have you all had a good Monday? I know Monday's aren't usually the best days of the week, but I hope you've all had a lovely day :)
This is what I have chucked together today for my one lecture at uni. I wanted to wear something comfortable yet different and still stylish, and this is what I came up with! I absolutely love this blazer as it is velvet and such a gorgeous colour! It is over-sized but that's another reason I love it. It's just such a cosy blazer to wear for gloomy, rainy days like today, and also adds some colour to my otherwise dull days.
I am also wearing my lovely new boots which I wore for the first time at work on Saturday and nearly lasted my whole shift before they started hurting. I think I wore them for about 8 and a half hours before I changed to my flats which I thought was pretty good! I wanted to wear them to work because I am constantly on my feet and walking around all day so it's a really good way to test how long you can wear the pair of shoes for. I was pleasantly surprised and now know that I can wear them to uni without them hurting :)
Anyway, I hope you all have a good evening! I have a ton of uni work to do...wish me luck!!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

174. Keep your head up, keep your heart strong.

Everything:  New Look
Ohh, it feels like forever since I last did an outfit post!! But I finally got round to taking one after work today! I did do one yesterday too but it was too dark outside so the pictures aren't great. I might re-take them tomorrow.
Anyway, I bought these amazing trousers on Wedesday from New Look and they just fit so, so well! The print is checkered and it has gold zips on the sides of the ankles, which you can't see I'm afraid, and it also comes with a studded brown belt. I literally love these trousers and cannot wait to wear them more this winter! I just kept the outfit simple today with a burgundy top as it tends to get really hot at work.
I hope you've all had a lovely weekend! Prepare to see more outfit posts now that I have my uni timetable :)

Friday, 5 October 2012

Style Icon: Florence Welch

Hello you lovely lot! It was my first week back at uni this week, first week of third year, so I have been very busy settling back in and recieving projects etc. Hence the serious lack of posts! Now that I have settled in and know my timetable I will hopefully be able to post more regularly because I really miss posting and reading all of your lovely comments!
For my Fashion Design project I had to think of a muse and use that person to create a collection for a Design House. I have chosen Florence Welch as I find her so inspiring and everything she wears is just amazing! The Design House I am 'designing' for is Chanel, so I am really excited to start designing and see what I come up with.
As I have been researching her style I thought I would share some images I found of her. I hope you like them!