Friday, 22 February 2013

193. Ocean blue, what have I done to you?

Blazer:  Charity Shop
Blouse:  Charity Shop
Jeans:  New Look (very old!)
Boots:  New Look
Hello beauties,
Another outfit post for you this week, you lucky so and so's ;) I have been getting up half an hour earlier than I usually would to take outfit photos so hopefully I can keep this up and keep you posted more regularly on what I'm wearing.
I went for a pretty casual but still chic outfit today as I was off to London again and had a very busy day ahead of me so I wanted to wear something comfortable but still stylish. I also wore my fur coat with this as it was absolutely freezing today!!
Have you all had a good week? I had my first toile review yesterday for my finaly collection in uni and my feedback was so positive it really built up my confidence knowing that I am on the right track :) I was absolutely beaming afterwards and pretty much my whole group was after their tutorials too which was awesome!
Hope you all have a good weekend!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

192. If I'm gone, I'll never be far

Jacket:  New Look
Necklace:  Forever 21
Top:  New Look
Trousers:  Zara
Boots:  New Look
Evening beauties!
As promiced I have an outfit for you! Sorry, again, for it being so long but I hope the wait was worth it. I bought these trousers from Zara on Tuesday. They were infact in the sale for £9.99 down from £35.99 so I was very impressed and thought I'd better bag them quick! I've gone for quite a casual look with a plain black top, black jacket and black wedge boots but adding a bit of detail and interest with my gold chain necklace from Forever 21.
It turns out my friend Victoria was wearing an extremely similar outfit today (twinnies!), and considering we are always together in uni it did look a little funny, haha! I think we may be spending too much time together... My other friend's RT and Charlotte were also wearing printed trousers, my oh my it should be national printed trousers day! Were any of you lovelies wearing printed trousers today too?

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sunday Summary #7

Evening all!
I firstly want to apologise, again, for the lack of outfit posts on my blog as it has been pointed out to me, although I have stated why in most posts lately, it is just lack of time and now that I am spending 10 hours  a day in uni it is pretty hard to find the time, but I am hating it and I am sorry! :( I know my blog is becoming a bit boring with all of these reviews etc, but it is something I have to write about. When companies have kindly sent me these things I like to review them as quickly as possible so that I don't disappoint the company, and also so that I am holding my side of the deal at the end of the day.
I know I have probably lost some readers due to my ranting and lack of outfit posts lately, but this is a fashion and lifestyle blog and this is my life. Trust me, I wish I could blog outfit posts every day like I used to but right now my uni work comes first I'm afraid.
So yes, I have been spending the majority of my time in uni at the moment, as you have all gathered, and I would also like to say it's hard to ask someone else to take photos for you when everyone is as bogged down as you are in uni. Maybe I'll take my camera and tripod in the car with me and take some photos when I wait for my friend in the Park & Ride before uni haha. (Man, this is becoming awfully rambly about outfit photos!)
I finally got to see my boyfriend last night after not seeing him for three weeks! I walked into his flat and he had covered the room with candles and rose petals and there were beautiful roses in a vase on the side, pink champagne and chocolate covered strawberries, so I was a very spoilt girl! We ended up chilling out and watching Finding Nemo (an ultimate favourite of ours!) and it was just so nice to be in his company again. We also had a completely lazy day today talking about the future and all sorts which was exciting!
Anyway, I think I have written enough for today. I promise I will try and get at least one outfit post up this week and hopefully it will be a gooden!! If you do want to see my outfits I usually post them on my Instagram, my username is @kirsti24 :)
I hope you've all had a lovely weekend!

Barratts Shoes

Hey lovelies,
So last week I was emailed by someone from Barratts shoes asking if I would like to review a pair of there shoes (of course I would never turn down a pair of shoes!) on my blog. I was able to choose any shoes I wanted, so long as they had my size of course, and I chose the beautiful heels above.
I have a nude pair of heels from New Look which I bought possibly last year or maybe in late 2011 so they are kind of scruffed and on there way out now so I was actually planning on buying a new pair anyway. I was scowling the Barratts website looking for some nude heels and found these beauties! They are more of a nude/pink than a nude/brown like my other pair but I love them all the same - if not more so because they will be perfect for nights out in the Spring/Summer.
They are mega high so fingers crossed I can walk in them! But whilst doing a test run in my house (ha) I found that the inner sould are really soft and padded for extra comfort so I am really looking forward to wearing these soon! Plus, they are only £26.00 at the moment which is a complete bargain so if you like the look of them click here and it will link you straight to the page. They also come in black, black patent, black fabric, blue and beige.
Thank you Barratts!! I love my Truffle Peep Toe's!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

REVIEW: Avet Thermo Active

Hey sweeties!
Sorry I have been gone for a little while again, and sorry for the lack of outfits posts! I just never get the time to take outfit photos at the moment I'm afraid, but hopefully I will have some for you soon :) For now I will just bombard you with reviews and things!
Anyway, I got sent another gift from Avet which I wasn't expecting at all, it just got sent to me! Ha It's a thermal top to use when you are exercising etc. Now I have to say, right now I don't do much exercise as I just don't have the time so it's probably not the best time for me to review an item like this, however as I have been sent it I did take a small part out of my day to do a bit of exercise and test out the garment.
The top itself is really lighweight and not stick-to-your-skin fitted, it's a comfortable fit, enough for you to move around in. Avet state that this product is good for cold conditions when you are outside doing sport which I have not yet tested I'm afraid, I simply did a few rounds of cardio, ab and butt exercises indoors.
Overall I would say this is a really good product as it is light-weight and not too fitted. The material feels nice on the skin and does not irritate and it also retains your sweat (not glamorous, I know!). So as I whole I really like this product and I will definitely wear it when I start going jogging again etc. And I really like the black and pink combo as it's quite subtle yet still girlie, and if you're not the girlie type it also comes in grey with orange trimming.
As this hasn't been a great review, I do appologize, I will do another review on this - maybe over easter - and test it properly to give a full review.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sunday Summary #6

Hello lovelies,
Do ever just feel like running away and forgetting the world around you for a bit of piece and quite, and genuine happiness? That sounds very deep and depressing I know, but that is exactly how I feel today. Incase you hadn't noticed, life is a bit of a rollercoaster right now. One minute I'm up and I'm happy and feel positive in everything that I am doing, and the next I feel so down, stressed and drained. That's the life of being a student I guess.
But anyway, enough of the depressing crap! I always tell myself it could be a lot worse and people out there have it a lot worse than I do. Therefore I will continue to smile and laugh and most of all suck it up and get on with it!!
Last week I had a review and my night time skincare routine which you can find here and here. And this week I will have more reviews, more goodies to show you and probably a lot more moaning and rambling about uni work! Hopefully I will do a post soon, maybe even tomorrow, on a day in my shoes and how I go about my every day business lately. I think it might be quite fun, it's just finding the time to take the photos when you're so on the go! But yes, I think I will do that either tomorrow or Tuesday. Does that sound good? :)
I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend!

Friday, 8 February 2013

REVIEW | Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets

Hello beauties,
This evening I thought I would do a little review for you on these Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets. I got these in the goodie bag from the Company Fashion Forum event at the end of last year but hadn't tried them until now. I think I put off using them for so long because I thought that they couldn't possibly work or make any difference to my skin, however it seems that I may have been wrong...
Seeing as my New Years Resolution is to use up all of the products I already own before I buy any more, this product obviously falls into the category so I thought I would give it a try. The wipes come in a cute little package with the sheets all neatly tucked inside. It has a little gap to fasten the lid once the package is closed and also has a little sticker-like patch which sticks to a sheet to lift it out of the neat packaging easily, rather than you pulling out 5 sheets at a time when you only need one! I have to say I was wary about the sticker patch to begin with, wondering whether the sheet would rip when you try to take it off but it comes off with ease and makes life a whole lot easier!
The packaging says to pat the sheet over your face to remove any excess oil from your skin yet keep your make-up in tact, however I tend to use this product before I go to bed rather than on the go so I just give my face a quick rub with one or two sheets. Once you have patted or rubbed your face you can really feel the difference. I don't have overly oily skin but my forehead tends to suffer slightly and after I use these sheets my face feels a lot softer and non greasy.
Overall I really love this product. It's simple yet effective and is a product that not many people would think about purchasing, but I would definitely recommend these wipes as they really do work. You can buy a pack for £2.99 in Superdrug, although at the moment it's 99p online so if you have slightly, or overly, oily skin then try these out because they work like a dream! And not to mention the cool little sticker device ;)

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

My evening skincare routine

Hello again lovelies!
I seem to be doing two posts in one day quite a lot recently. I guess it's due to quickly blogging when I get a chance to break away from all this uni work! Anyway, about a week ago I did a blog post on my morning skin care routine, which you can find here, and I thought I would now show you what I do in the evenings aswell. A few of the items you will notice I also use in the mornings such as the Simple cleanser, toner and the Witch blemish stick, but all of the other products are just used for the evenings.
1. First up I use the Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets (review coming very soon!). I got these in my goodie bag from the Company Fashion Forum event at the end of last year but I have only just started using them. I won't say too much because I think I'll review these tomorrow night, but I do use these every night at the moment.
2. After this I take my make-up off, which is generally only my eyes and cheeks as I don't wear foundation. At the moment I am using the liquid Simple eye make-up remover as I had a little trouble with the cream version (you can see the review here).
3. Next up, if I'm feeling I need a really deep clean for my face, I will use Soap and Glory's Fab Pore Hote Cloth Cleanser. I have to say, I don't use this every night as I feel the cleanser and toner is enough for me, so I say I would use this maybe once or twice a week. It works really well and deep cleaning your skin and comes with the muslin cloth which I thought was really good, and it apparently takes off your make up too but I haven't tried that out yet.
4. After that  I head straight for the cleanser and toner to clean my face. As I said in my morning skin care routine post and a youtube video Simple work for me and really clean my face leaving me feeling fresh.
5. After that I will use the Witch Blemish Stick if I have any blemishes hanging around. This product works really well and cooling the area and toning down redness and size.
6. And lastly I use a night moisturizer. At the moment I am using the Organic Surge Overnight Sensation Night Cream which works really well. My face is moisturized through out the night and feels lovely and smooth by the morning.
So that's it! You can find the links to all these products underneath the picture and reviews will be coming very soon so keep a look out for that!

191. Rocking Horses

Hello lovelies,

My, oh my, it has been such a long time since I did an 'outfit post', and today's pictures aren't great I'm afraid due to awful lighting and not enough hours in the day! But hey, I recieved this beautiful little dress from Sugarhill Boutique yesterday as I had a voucher to spend and it is just so pretty!

I have always loved Sugarhill Boutique with there amazing prints and wonderful dresses so I was very pleased to recieved a voucher when I went to their Spring/Summer 2013 press day. I decided on this lovely rocking horse dress as I thought it will be great for when Spring kicks in, dispite it being in their Autumn/Winter 2012 collection.

I cannot wait to purchase some lovely pieces from their S/S 13 range which will be on the website soon. If you want a sneak peek, check out my post from the press day here.

maker gif
maker gif

Sunday, 3 February 2013

I make clothes, dont'cha know

Hey beauts!

Sooo, in my previous post I mentioned that I make clothes, da da da, and I thought I haven't shown anything that I have made in a long time due to university consuming my life, and for all my new followers you may not have seen the things that I have made. So this post is dedicated to clothes that I have made in my spare time. Most of them are very simple and easy to make as I don't get a lot of free time, but this summer I am going to be more ambitious, seeing as I will have the time, and make lots and lots of pretty dresses and jackets etc. Oh, I can't wait!

 photo collage_zpscdb1f213.jpg

 photo P1050464_zpsca2514fc.jpg

 photo P1050460-Copy_zps954b0fc0.jpg

 photo P1050466_zps8c693e78.jpg

 photo P1050473_zps8cbd7942.jpg

 photo P1050470_zpsfd9090f4.jpg

 photo P1050467_zps4f286dc0.jpg

I don't just make collars and skirts by the way, I also make dresses, playsuits, shorts, trousers, blazers - you name it! I just don't have any good images of the other things I have made unfortunately. But anyway, what do you think? Would you buy any of the things I have made?

Sunday Summary #5

 photo IMG_4349_zps7c07f0e9.jpg

Hello you lovely lot!
The past week seems to have gone pretty slowly for some reason. It was my first week back at uni after having a week off (not that I relaxed at all!), so I was getting back into the swing of things and starting my final ever uni project, my final collection! *Que dramatic music and scared face*
I don't think it has quite sunk in yet that this is my final project and final year and uni. All of my love I have been in full time education, going from school to college and straight to uni, so to say I am a little excited about being free from education would be an understatement! Don't get me wrong, I will definitely miss getting a new brief and researching new ideas and creating designs etc. Having said that once I leave I will still be making clothes and even selling them to you lovely people, if you wan't them of course, ha. I don't think I will ever stop making clothes, it's something that I do on a daily basis, and not just because I study Fashion Design. It's a part of me.
Things are going well with my 'use all products you already have before you buy more' kind of attitude. I am slowly getting through my big box of products. I have also started working out (how American of me!) again for two reasons. 1) I want to get fit for summer and have an amazing bod for a lovely holiday (every girls dream!!) and 2) Because I feel it will be a great stress reliever and give me a chance to step back from my uni work and have some time away from it all, even it if does me doing planks, crunches and running! The app I am using at the moment is called 'Daily Ab Workout' and you can see in the image above what it is like. You have to pay to get the full version I think but this is good enough for me. You get 9 exercises to do in the space of 5, 8 or 10 minutes, you can choose, and it shows you exactly how to do them so that you work the right areas and more importantly don't hurt or strain your body. So yeah, loving that little app!
I think that's all I have to say today about my week, apart from the fashion show we had on Friday but I have mentioned that in the previous post :) This week will be full of sketchbook work, reflective journal writing and toile making - wish me luck!
Have a lovely week sweeties!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

WSA Intrim Fashion Show

Hello beauties!
Last night at my university we held an Intrim fashion show to help raise money for our graduation this year. The show consisted of outfits that the 3rd and 2nd year's had made, to show off our amazing skills ;)
Behind the scene's it was so hectic, helping people change in and out of clothes, making sure you had the garments on the right way around and making sure everyone got out on time too. And doing that in a tiny room full of people with no air-con or a window for air was a challenge, but amazing and exciting all the same!
I didn't get a chance to go downstairs as I was busy being a dresser, but I heard that the room was jam-packed with people, including very important people from WGSN where they predict the latest trends!
I took some behind the scene snaps to show you and hopefully I will get my hands on the photo's that were taken of the outfits on the runway so that you can see the collection in action. I hope you like them!





The image above is the outfit I made. My muse was Florence Welch.
Please do not copy and paste these images.