Saturday, 2 February 2013

WSA Intrim Fashion Show

Hello beauties!
Last night at my university we held an Intrim fashion show to help raise money for our graduation this year. The show consisted of outfits that the 3rd and 2nd year's had made, to show off our amazing skills ;)
Behind the scene's it was so hectic, helping people change in and out of clothes, making sure you had the garments on the right way around and making sure everyone got out on time too. And doing that in a tiny room full of people with no air-con or a window for air was a challenge, but amazing and exciting all the same!
I didn't get a chance to go downstairs as I was busy being a dresser, but I heard that the room was jam-packed with people, including very important people from WGSN where they predict the latest trends!
I took some behind the scene snaps to show you and hopefully I will get my hands on the photo's that were taken of the outfits on the runway so that you can see the collection in action. I hope you like them!





The image above is the outfit I made. My muse was Florence Welch.
Please do not copy and paste these images.


  1. That's so cool that people from wgsn were there! looks like a fun night. I wish my uni did more things like this! xx

  2. This looks amazing but I can imagine how stressful it was! i love the torso of that last dress :) x

    1. It was pretty manic! lol
      Thank you :) xx

  3. I'm part of the Fashion Society at my uni and we did a fashion show like this last year, I know exactly what you mean about it being hectic and overly hot and stressful haha, I was a dresser as well so didn't get to see the show either. From the looks of your backstage photos the outfits at yours were amazing :)

    1. Oh it was so hot and manic!! Haha
      Thanks lovely :) xx


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