Friday, 14 January 2011

The Flower Girl ♥

Just a quick shout out to 'The Flower Girl'. She's has an awesome blog so check it out! Plus she's giving away such lovely gifts, so go and enter to be in with the chance of winning some goodies!!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Charming Magpies ♥

This shop needs to be heard. My friend showed me this shop today and I am now in love. It's a cute little vintage shop, tucked away down the back alley's of Winchester. I found so many nice things in this shop, although I didn't by anything as I was on a time schedule for the photoshoot, below, however I do intend to come shopping here next week. If any of you live close to Winchester, then come and shop here! It is such a beautiful shop and you will find at least one thing you like if you're a vintage lover like me.

New favourite shop? ..I think so ♥


Today I helped out my friend with her uni project. She's making a magazine for our university and wanted to use the clothes I make and write about me for part of the magazine. She showed my this great little shop, shown in the post above, it's absolutely gorgeous! Full of vintage gems! I just want to buy the shop so that I can spend all day every day in there. So before I rant on about the vintage shop, here are a few of the images from the shoot.

Pretty much all of the clothes the model is wearing I have made myself :)

Monday, 10 January 2011

♥ blouses.

I have such a big love for blouses/shirts right now, and they are everywhere!
These sheer shirts above are from New Look, the same shirt in all of these different colours. I work in New Look and I cannot tell you how popular they are! And we have such a huge variety of blouses and shirts this season. Below are some more we have in store at the moment and other high street stores that are selling them too...

Sunday, 9 January 2011


I was looking through a November edition of Grazia magazine in the staff room at work and came across these beautiful images below (yes I did steal the images from work :/). I recently did a project at uni where I came across a photographer who made the model move and jump around to show movement in the clothing and the images below give the same effect.

 Each image is beautifully done in the way the clothing and the model's hair is up in the air, and each image is different and unique in itself. However, the real subject matter in these images is fur. Fur coats, skirts, dresses, boots, you name it, the fact that the winter is so cold this year people are starting to wear real fur.

So the question is, is wearing real fur acceptable?

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

New start to blogging..

Happy New Year everyone!! Sorry it's so late, been so busy with uni work, catching up with friends and everything, but my new years resolution was to blog more, so here it starts.

I found these images the other day on the internet and thought they were so good, it made me want to try it myself. These are Vogue faces..

I just think they're so fun and you can have a laugh with them. It's a different way of showing characters and telling stories and can make a person feel so much more confident when they know they're acting.