Monday, 28 February 2011

03. It's Monday.

Top:  Ralph Lauren
Skirt:  New Look
Belt:  Vintage

What a polava today has been. Stayed around my boyfriend's last night because I didn't have uni until 2 o'clock, got into my car and it wouldn't start. So there was no uni today and where I've been at home (having to leave my car) I have done no uni work as of yet..

On the up side I have done an outfit post today, as you can see, so I am getting into the blogging now :D And I'm trying to set up a LOOKBOOK account but it sometimes doesn't work on my laptop, like tumblr. So anyway, I'm wearing my Ralph Lauren top today which I am in love with! I went to Paris a few weeks ago and my friend told me about a few vintage shops near by and one particular shop had Ralph Lauren and Lacoste everywhere. It was amazing. This top was only €10 so I had to get it!!

I really should start to take full body shots of my outfits. It's just so difficult having such a tiny room! Any tips and tricks would be much appreciated :) Thanks xx

Saturday, 26 February 2011

02. Off to work.

Playsuit:  New Look
Belt:  Vintage
Tights:  Primark

Morning all! You'll have to excuse the whole New Look outfits on the weekends as I work there and have to wear New Look clothes. So every Saturday and Sunday I will usually be wearing New Look stock unless I have a day off or holiday :) I have yet to decide what shoes to wear with my new playsuit, from the kids section, it'll probably be my cream brogues. They are my favourite shoes for work because they go with absolutely anything and are so comfy. They are getting a bit of wear and tear now though and they don't have anymore in stock at the moment so I can't buy a new pair :( But they're still wearable for now :) Anyway, I thought I'd go a bit summery today as the sun is trying to make an appearance. I can't wait for the hot summer days..if it even decides to be hot this year :/

Talking of New Look, I'm taking a break from the uni work and off out tonight with work friends. I certainly need a night out from this week at uni. It's been so hectic and stressful lately. I deserve a break.

These are my brogues 

Friday, 25 February 2011

01. Better late than never.

 Blazer:  River Island
Blouse:  New Look
Bottoms:  River Island
Rings:  New Look

Yet again, I have failed to post enough on my blog (not that I have too many bloggers! lol). I have been so busy with uni lately that I have no time to myself anymore! However, today I came across some amazing blog's of people showing off their outfits, so I have decided that I want to get into that too and show people what I wear, because if you're anything like me you love being nosey and seeing what other people are wearing around the world!! I've previously avoided doing outfit post's purely because I can never get a good picture and it frustrates me too much and I'm too shy to get anyone else to take the photo's  :/ But hey ho, I'm going to give it a go and if needs be I'll get my boyfriend to take the pictures hehe

So here is my first outfit post of 2011, better late than never. I bought this blazer in River Island the other day when I was shopping with mum. It was £25 down from £50 and one size 8 left, so I had to have it. It fits perfectly :) And I love the broaches that came with it too! I'm also in love with these leggings/treggings whatever you want to call them. They are so comfy and go with most things in my wardrobe right now. Love this outfit <3