Wednesday, 27 July 2011

46. You keep on talking but it makes no sense at all

Playsuit:  Isle of Wight Festival (Company called Blue Rinse)
Belt:  Peacocks
Shoes:  New Look

Just a little post today, but this is the outfit I wore last night when I went out with some friends. I got the playsuit from the IOW Fest this year and have only just worn it! I love the different patterns all mish-mashed and the colours go so well together. I also love the fact that it's so different and no one will have the same one as this company re-make clothes from vintage clothing/material, and I must say I did get quite a few compliments so everyone else loved it too! The belt is just to add some shape because the playsuit is still quite baggy where it is elasticated and I thought the nude shoes would go well to keep it simple. Hope you like :) If you do please hype it on Lookbook, the picture will be in the side bar on the right of this page :)

P.s The photo's came out really grainy today eventhough I used my usual camera :/ So I do appologise for the poor quality.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

45. We can make this just right

Everything from New Look, including the socks!

I bought this blouse the other day, I just couldn't resist! As soon as I saw it I fell in love with the triangular lace part at the top. I did hold back from buying it for a week or so thinking 'oh I've got too many blouses', but when I went shopping a few days ago and found my size I felt it was meant to be! haha I wanted to pair it with something different rather than your average black bodycon skirt, so I went with my high-waisted denim shorts with my brown plaited belt for detail. I also wore my brogues and little cream pop socks to quirk it up a bit, as you can see above. I really love this look because it's so simple but so effective. I had work today, hence why everything is from New Look, and sold a lot of these blouses to people today who loved how I was wearing it. It's always nice to get a compliment :)

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend so far!

Friday, 22 July 2011

44. Only time will tell..

Playsuit:  New Look
Boots:  New Look

A very simple look today. I literally just threw this playsuit on and I did go for tights and boots today, eventhough I has been sunny I didn't know if it would end up raining, which it did a little. Anyway, you can't see it in these photo's but this playsuit has a cute little ditsy floral print in pinks, blues and yellows, and yet again it is from the kids section in New Look (I love being small!).

It's been a hectic day of settling an agreement on a house for my boyfriend and other students next year when he goes to uni, but finally it all came together and got sorted and they got the house!! :D And I went to see my friend today too. We're going on holiday together in two weeks and we're soo excited!! Sun, sea, sand and cocktails - I can't wait!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Make It Mine - Topshop

Well, I haven't done a 'Make It Mine' in a while now, mainly so that I cut down on buying clothes to fill my tiny wardrobe, but I spotted a few lovely things on Topshop's website today which I thought I'd share.

I absolutely love these shorts! I've seen them many a time on Lookbook but never realised they were from Topshop. I really want to buy them..but have I got a spare £32.00 lying around.. :/

I think the print, the colour and the style of this top is just perfect! I especially love the collar with the black material and then with the floral material on top again. I just think it breaks it up a bit and makes the collar more noticeable. Although it is gorgeous it is a pricey £42.00.

Love, love, love this top!! Once again the collar just caught my eye. It's just so different and unique, not like your average peter pan collar, and that's what is so great about it. I also love this orange colour however they do also do it in a teal kind of colour. This top isn't so bad at £26.00.

Ok, now I'm begining to realise that all of these items that I've chosen (apart from the shorts) I love because they have great collars! Haha I'm sorry I didn't even think when I chose them. So yet again a lovely great collar and a flattering shape to the dress. The colour is simple but the price is expensive at £62.00!

43. Gone Dotty

Dress: Vintage - from Paris

I really love this outfit. I bought this navy and pink dotty skirt from Paris earlier this year in a vintage shop, although as you can see I wear it as a dress. When I first bought it I was intending to wear it as a skirt but take it up a little, but then I realised it would look great as a dress. It's not quite long enough to cover so I wear a basic black skirt underneath and along with tights and my red belt around my waist I think it makes a really sweet outfit.

I have also been very busy today making clothes!! First of all I made a sheer maxi skirt out of some material I've had hidden away for ages. After seeing the sheer maxi skirts coming into fashion I've wanted to make one it wasn't until the other day that I realised I had some material I could use! So here it is :) And below that is a floral playsuit I started to make which is for a friend. I've been meaning to start it for ages now but have been so busy that I never got round to it. But seeing as some plans got cancelled today I snapped up the opportunity to start it! Hope you like!

Monday, 18 July 2011

42. Wasting Light

Top:  Foo Fighters Band Tee (Isle of Wight)
Bottoms:  Primark
Coat:  New Look

I don't often do looks like this on my blog or for Lookbook, but I do wear outfits like this every now and then, usually when it's a gloomy day (like today) or if I'm having a lazy day. I never know if looks like this are going to work on Lookbook but I just thought I'd go for it today and I'll find out if it does or not when I upload it later.

I bought these jeans from Primark a little while back now and they are just so comfy! And I love the detailing on the knee's of the jeans with the criss-cross pattern. I was just going to wear a basic black t-shirt today but then I remembered I had my Foo Fighters, Wasting Light t-shirt that I bought from the Isel of Wight Festival. I just think it gives the look a bit more colour and interest. Finally, I am showing off my new coat which I bought from New Look yesterday. I absolutely love it!! I bought it from the kids section so that it was more fitted, so with the discount it was only £10 - you can't go wrong really! But they do also have it in the adult section in navy and burgundy for £22.99. I do love the burgundry one too but I just thought the navy colour would go with more of my outfits.

Hope you all like it and are having a lovely Monday! Where's the summer, ey?

Friday, 15 July 2011


Hey all! I went shopping with a friend today because we needed to get her some fabric so that I can make her a couple of skirts. We ended up browsing around and I bought some jewellery and a bikini set for £9 in the River Island sale! Bargain! Anyway, after reading Abbey Karson's post about her lipstick I was really intreaged to try out Rimmel's Moisture Renew lipstick. I've always found that wearing lipstick makes your lips feel quite dry and then I find myself licking my lips and licking the lipstick off! But this lipstick is meant to keep your lips moisturized to prevent this. So I went to the local market and found a lovely colour, Rose Passion (880), for £2 - much cheaper than from superdrug or boots - and I also found a Revlon lippy that I liked too for £2. I'm wearing the Rimmel one now and I have to say, so far so good! It definitely isn't as dry as other lipsticks and it stays on really well, so I'm really impressed! And getting it cheaper than the normal price makes it all the better!

I also bought this nail growth nail varnish which also strengthens your nails. I've found lately that my nails tend to break easily, then again it does always happen at work but I would like them to be stronger so here's hopeing it'll work! I also bought it for my toe's as I'm getting a pedicure at the begining of August and when I booked the appointment this morning the lady looked at my feet and said my nails need a grow a bit...typical as I've just cut them! But hey ho, hopefully they will grow quicker this way! :)

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

41. Teal

Blouse:  New Look
Shorts:  New Look
Shoes: New Look

Definitely didn't even realise until I was writing out what I was wearing that everything I am wearing comes from New Look..and I didn't even have work today! But anyway, I bought these shorts in the sale for just £8 a couple of weeks ago, and luckily they had my size! I love the colour teal and with the silky fabric I just think they are gorgeous! I also bought these boots last week as my other little black boots got ruined because I wore them so much! Hopefully they same won't happen to these beauties! I really love this outfit today. It's quite basic but it has little details, like the pattern on the blouse, and the colour of the shorts just stands out and adds colour to the look.

I also booked a holiday with my friend today to Greece! Very excited as this time next month I'll be there sunning it up and getting a tan :D Anyone else going anywhere nice this year?