Friday, 15 July 2011


Hey all! I went shopping with a friend today because we needed to get her some fabric so that I can make her a couple of skirts. We ended up browsing around and I bought some jewellery and a bikini set for £9 in the River Island sale! Bargain! Anyway, after reading Abbey Karson's post about her lipstick I was really intreaged to try out Rimmel's Moisture Renew lipstick. I've always found that wearing lipstick makes your lips feel quite dry and then I find myself licking my lips and licking the lipstick off! But this lipstick is meant to keep your lips moisturized to prevent this. So I went to the local market and found a lovely colour, Rose Passion (880), for £2 - much cheaper than from superdrug or boots - and I also found a Revlon lippy that I liked too for £2. I'm wearing the Rimmel one now and I have to say, so far so good! It definitely isn't as dry as other lipsticks and it stays on really well, so I'm really impressed! And getting it cheaper than the normal price makes it all the better!

I also bought this nail growth nail varnish which also strengthens your nails. I've found lately that my nails tend to break easily, then again it does always happen at work but I would like them to be stronger so here's hopeing it'll work! I also bought it for my toe's as I'm getting a pedicure at the begining of August and when I booked the appointment this morning the lady looked at my feet and said my nails need a grow a bit...typical as I've just cut them! But hey ho, hopefully they will grow quicker this way! :)

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