Saturday, 29 September 2012

Review: Avet Shape Underwear

Hello lovelies! So finally, as promiced, I have been able to write this review on Avet Shape Underwear. They kindly sent me two pairs, one black and one nude, for me to try out and review so that you lovely bloggers could see how they work etc.
Unfortunately last week when I wore them for the first time at work I was poorly so the underwear didn't really help my stomach feeling sick! But I gave them another go and wore them for the whole day on Friday and wow! They were just incredible! I have never owned or tried a pair of these shapewear underwear on before as I always thought they would be uncomfortable and annoy me, and maybe some would, but not Avet. They are literally so comfortable I forgot I even had them on!
They come up to just below my chest, as it shows in the images above and below, and I thought that they may have the tendandcy to slip down but to my suprise they didn't at all! They stayed up really well which is suprising seeing as they don't have any boning in them, but they do have a gel like tape around the top of the band, like you get on your bra, which does not stick but keeps it from sagging.
The underwear also have a slight sheer material on the bum so that the rim of the underwear doesn't show underneath clothing, so you could wear a bodycon dress with this underwear underneath and have you stomach sucked in and no pant line showing! They are truely amazing and I am so glad Avet got in touch with me so that I can tell you about their product. The particular pair that I tried are priced at just £15.58, and they also do other styles, as seen blow. For more information or other underwear products you can go to their website here

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Charity Shop Haul!

Good evening! I went charity shopping with my boyfriend in Farnham today and thought I would show you my amazing finds! I bought 3 fashion paper patterns, some hooks & eyes, and some braces, and you won't believe how much the suitcase was! I can never resist a good charity shop haul, can you?

Suitcase:  £2.99
Fashion Paper Patterns:  49p each
Hooks & Eyes:  1.98 for 6 sheets
Braces:  £2.00

Introducing: 'Ever Ours'

Good morning lovelies! I just wanted to share with you a lovely little fashion website which I am sure most of you have heard of already but something which I only recently came across. I stubled upon Ever Ours whilst on Twitter and thought I would check out their website as the caption on their Twitter page made me curious (I love anything with 'vintage' in the title).
When I got onto the website I was amazed at how beautiful the clothing was and then astonished at how amazing the prices were! Ever Ours have wonderfully designed clothing, from dresses to tops to jumpers, and they even sell some gorgeous accessories too! And the best part is, everything is at such a reasonable price!
I am deeply in love with this website and cannot wait until payday so I can buy a few pretty little pieces to fit perfectly within my wardrobe. Here are just a few piece which I have fallen in love with!



I will definitely be buying the white top and silver necklace tomorrow when payday arrives, and maybe a few other bits and bobs too...! Head on down to their website here and check out all of their goodies! And if you spend over £40 and you live in the UK, you get free delivery!
(Sorry for the small images, they seemed to pixilate if I made them any bigger)

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

173. It's such a perfect day.

Hat:  Ebay
Blouse:  New Look
Skirt:  Vintage  /  Paris
Hello lovelies! Today I am wearing my lovely vintage tartan skirt which I bought in Paris. I absolutely love the colour and the tartan print. I haven't got anything red in my wardrobe so I was really looking for something that would go with everything else in my wardrobe and this just seemed right to buy! I had to take it in a bit but I love how it fits and the length too.
If you haven't already seen there is a competition in my blog post below to win a pair of classic Christian Louboutin's! So go and enter to be in with a chance of winning :)

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

172. Do you believe in life after love?

Jacket:  Topshop
Blouse:  Romwe
Necklace:  Forever 21 (similar)
Disco Pants:  River Island
Boots:  New Look

Evening all! This is today's look - sorry about the photo's, they didn't turn out so great. Due to the awful weather I had to be quick, so I doubt it will get much response on Lookbook but hey ho! I really like this biker look with my bright blue blouse to brighten up the outfit. I am also wearing my new studded boots from New Look and I absolutely LOVE them! I cannot wait to style them some more.
I went to see my lovely friend Victoria today for a catch up before we go back to uni, which was really lovely as I haven't seen her in weeks!! We just browsed the shops today and bought a few bits of make-up. We always seem to buy make-up when we're together - no wonder I have so many lipsticks!
Lastly I have to appologise as my review for the shape underwear will not be up now until the end of the week. I did wear them on Saturday however I was ill so I could not give a full review. Now that I am better I will be testing them out again this week so that I can give a full and honest review.
I hope you're all ok and loving this fantastic weather we're having...

Competition Time!

Hello lovelies, this is only a quick post as I have just been emailed about a competition to with a pair of classic, black Christian Louboutin's!! All you have to do is click here, like the e-tailwebstores Facebook page and follow the instructions to be in with a chance of winning! It's that simple, so go, go, go!!

Friday, 21 September 2012

171. Simple Simon

Blouse:  Vintage  /  Paris
Jumper:  H&M (similar)
Jeans:  New Look (similar)
Shoes:  New Look (similar)
Good evening bloggers! This is today's rather simple, boyish, slouchy outfit. Today I have just been working on my summer project for when I go back to uni on the 1st, and also doing some house work, so I stuck to a really simple, but still feminine, outfit. I wasn't wearing any make-up, hence the 'I'm-not-looking-at-the-camera' shots, and I just shoved my hair in a clip keeping it messy and classic looking. I wanted to keep the look feminine as I felt quite boyish in just jeans and a jumper so I added the blouse underneath the jumper just showing the lace detail on the collar, and went for a small heel to finish the look. What do you think? It's not something I would usually wear or even photograph if I did wear it on a lazy day, but I thought I would today.
On another note, I kindly got sent two pairs of Avet Shape underwear from for me to review, one pair nude and one black. I am planning to wear them to work tomorrow and then in the evening when I go out for my friend's birthday so that I can give a full review on how they feel during a full day at work and on a night out. I will give my honest opinion on the underwear and will probably post my review on Sunday or Monday, so keep a look out for that! I am actually really looking forward to trying these out!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

170. Pretty in Pink

Cardigan:  Vintage / Paris
Top:  Primark
Belt:  Vintage
Skirt:  OASAP
Shoes:  New Look
Hellooo! How have you lovelies all been? This is my 'pretty in pink' outfit for today. I'm feeling quite cheery, hence the colourful outfit showing different shades of pink. I am actually doing a survey for my uni project at the moment which invloves colours and moods, so if you could please click here and follow the link to answer a few questions please it would make my day! It will only take 2 minutes and would be really beneficial for me and uni work :) Thank you!
Anyway, I have lots planned for posts etc but, yet again, I have been pretty busy! But I am getting back on track I promice! Oh, and while I'm here, please leave your blog links below, I'd love to read some new content in the evenings :)

Monday, 17 September 2012

169. Confusion never stops.

Blouse:  Romwe
Necklace:  Forever 21
Shorts:  Vintage / Paris
Boots:  New Look
Hello lovelies! Here is today's outfit. I am wearing my new vintage shorts which I bought from Paris now that they have been taken up and in and I decided to wear my blue blouse from Romwe to bring out the blue in the shorts more. I was undecided on whether to wear a blue or green top so maybe next time I'll wear the green :)
I must apologise for my serious lack of posting lately! My third and final year of university is fast approaching so I am busy trying to clear out my study and my room so that I am prepared and have a clear mind for when I start. I think I have finally finished clearing up so now I just need to get on with my summer project and also get back to blogging before I start uni on the 1st, because after that it will be all go at uni! I will warn you, my posts may be a bit sparse when I start back at uni because obviously it will be my third and finally year, as I'm sure some of you will have experienced! But I will try and update you all on whats going on and what I am wearing. I'm not saying I'll never post, because I'm sure procrastination will hit every now and then, but just to give you guys a heads up incase you think I have stopped blogging.
Anyway, I hope you've all had a good weekend!

Friday, 14 September 2012

168. Nobody said it was easy

Blazer:  Charity Shop
Playsuit:  Primark
Tights:  New Look
Brogues:  New Look
Hey lovelies! This is today's outfit, very blue for some reason but I quite like it. I bought this gorgeous blue velvet blazer in a charity shop a few weeks ago and just love it! It is huge on me so I tend to roll up the sleeves, but I quite like the baggy look and I think it works perfectly with this navy playsuit from Primark. I added some texture with the houndstooth tights and kept it simple with my black brogues. I hope you like it!