Saturday, 30 April 2011

20. You won't believe what I tell you..

Top:  New Look
Shorts:  Dad's old trousers
Rings:  Bhs and present

Only a little outfit post today as I don't have many great pictures of this look, I even look tired in this photo :/ But ah well! I went for something different today mixing different colours and I quite like the out come. To be honest I think Lookbook is making me more confident in my style and encouraging me to experiment more with colours etc. I absolutely love these shorts! They have appeared a lot in my looks, purely because they go with anything, being a neutral colour. And I love this top too! The colour, the scalloped edge, you can't go wrong! It also ties up at the bottom making it into a more cropped top, but for this look I have tucked it into the shorts to keep the look simple. Hope you like it :)

Friday, 29 April 2011

Retail Therapy ♥

I went shopping with my mum yesterday for some retail therapy, seeing as I'd just been paid and I had birthday money to spend :). I thought I'd post up what I bought as I got some awesome buys!! I cannot wait to wear it all :D

Black & White stripped jacket from H&M - £29.99

Grey cardigan with leather elbow patches from H&M - £7.00

Fashion heart tights from Primark - £3.00
Scalloped suspender tights from New Look - £4.99

Playsuit pj's from New Look - £14.99

Denim shorts from a charity shop - £3.00

Suede fringed shoes from New Look - £24.99

I am so happy with my buys and I still have some birthday money left over - bonus! I especially love the top two (jacket and cardigan). The jacket is actually a medium but it fits ok and the sleeves don't look as baggy when they're rolled up a little ;)

19. Everything her heart desires..

Top:  New Look
Shorts:  Charity Shop
Bag:  New Look
Sunglasses:  Dublin

Simple but summery look today and all new buys! I went on a shopping trip yesterday with my mum and bought a few new clothes (I'll do a post soon) and the top and shorts were a part of this. I mainly bought this top for work from New Look but I do actually really like it, it's very summery and simple and would go with most things. The shorts I found in a charity shop for £3! They fit perfect so I had to snap them up and buy them! I've added a brown belt, tan/floral bag and brown sunglasses to tie the look together, not forgetting my new scrabble and domino rings!

The Royal Wedding

Did you all see the wedding? Catherine's dress was absolutely stunning! So elegant and beautiful! Well done Sarah Burton, from Alexander McQueen. I wouldn't normally do posts like this but the dress was so beautiful I thought it would be appropriate to add a couple of photo's. I especially love the last one of Kate with her sister which I found on the Vogue website.

Royal Wedding Guests - celebrity photos and VIP guests

Vogue Daily — Catherine Middleton and her sister, Pippa Middleton

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

DIY: Rings & Earrings

Just a little post today. I thought I'd share a few little pieces of jewellery I'd made recently. It started with the scrabble rings I saw on the Love Hearts & Crosses website HERE, but they didn't have any 'K' rings, much to my disapointment, so I thought why not just make one? I bought some basic base rings from Hobby Craft (two for 99p) then took a letter from scrabble and stuck it onto the ring. Very simple! I then made one from a domino piece too! Then comes the earrings as I found some of those in Hobby Craft too when looking for the rings. I remembered I had bought two ceramic floral buttons from the V&A a little while ago and thought they would work perfect as earrings rather then an actual button. So here are the results below, hope you like them :)

Knowing me I'll go crazy with this and make some more random rings and earrings! But atleast it keeps me busy right? :) Has anyone else made anything recently?

never get the chance
to spend as much time
as i'd like to
with you

Monday, 25 April 2011

Make it Mine Monday: New Look

This week's 'Make it Mine Monday' is for New Look. As I work weekends there I get to see all the new things coming in, and to be honest I haven't been to impressed over the past few weeks. However, on saturday I saw some amazing earrings, trousers and a bag that would all go together, very hippy style and absolutely gorgeous! So here they are with a few little extra's too!


Feather earrings and necklace which go together, however on the website they only had these earrings in white but in our store we have them in lilac too! And the necklace also comes in blue.
Dreamcatcher Feather Earrings: £9.99
Dreamcatcher Feather Necklace: £9.99

Next are fringe tops and palazzo pants. I am completely in love with these trousers. They are actually from the kids section but they are so wide in the leg that it almost looks like a maxi skirt, and the floral print is adorable! Fringe tops are also a favourite for me at the moment, especially with high waisted/cut off shorts. I recently put up a look on LookBook with me wearing a fringe top with some jeans, however if I had any high waisted jean shorts then I would have paired the top with them.
Fringe top: £7.99
Palazzo Pants: £17.99 - kids section

Completely inlove with this little across the body satchel bag. If you remember previously on 'Make it Mine Monday: Asos' there was a bag similar to this. I love the designs on the front of these bags, it makes them so much more interesting and adds character. Going with the hippy/fesitval theme with everything today and this totally works! I may just have to invest in this for the Isle of Wight festival ;)
Leather Satchel: £24.99

And lastly, to complete the outfit, these awesome leather platform sandals. I love the colour, I love the rope wrapped heel and I love the lace up detail at the front. And best thing about these shoes is that they will go with anything! What more could you want?! They also come in tan/brown.
Leather Platform Sandals: £39.99

This month's read: ELLE magazine

ELLE is this month's read for me and I've picked out a certain article that caught my eye: What's the big idea? Basically an article on how to get big, backcombed hair and style it properly, plus the images are gorgeous! I thought it would be a good idea to post these on here just so people get creative with their hair and don't be scared to try something new! I'm always afraid of what people think of me which is such a bad trait, I know, however it doesn't stop me from trying out new things, plus I find when you do try something new you get compliments for looking good and looking different. I espeically love the Punk Pin-up and the Disco Flick below, I will definitely be trying these out!!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Birthday Outfit Post

Just thought I'd upload a few images of what I was wearing today for my birthday. These photo's were actually taken in Dublin (as you can see in the previous post), but I wore the same maxi dress for my birthday meal today and thought I'd share a few more photo's of the outfit. I just love the pattern so much and I think the dress fits so well! I'm really short and I was suprised when I put the dress on originally because I haven't had to take it up at all, very chuffed :D

Hope you've all had a lovely Easter Sunday and enjoyed eating loads of chocolate eggs!!

P.s Just thought I'd post up a piccy of some presents I got for my birthday, still have a few more to come :P Aren't I lucky! :D

Happy Birthday to me :)

Hey all! Happy Easter!! Hope you've all received some yummy chocolate eggs! As you can see today is my birthday :D I am officially no longer a teenager :( But hey ho, I don't feel any different! I went over town with my friends last night to celebrate and had THE BEST time! We all dressed up as Greek Goddesses, everyone looked beautiful! I really wanted to put up some photo's from the night but the files are too big and don't upload on here :( Hope everyone has a good Easter :D

Saturday, 23 April 2011

I ♥ Dublin

Hey all! I'm back from Dublin! I had such a great time and the weather was great!! Although on the last day, just as we got on the plane, it started raining :/ Sorry Ireland, I think we took the sun back home with us!! Well, I was going to post some photo's on here of the trip but I have so many I don't know what ones to choose!! So I thought I'd just upload my outfit posts instead, which will gradually be going up on Lookbook and Chictopia too :) So let me know what you think :)




I loved this windowsill! I wish I had one like this in my house. I love the way the photo's look with the light from the outside (plus it's so much easier sitting down when taking photo's :P)


Hope you like them :)

Monday, 18 April 2011

I'm going to Dublin!!

I'm all packed and ready to go to Dublin! Me and my boyfriend are going away for a few days to a four star, spa hotel - how exciting!! :D I cannot wait to get away for a while, and then when I come home it'll be my birthday on Easter Sunday! Anyone been to Dublin before? I've heard nothing but good things, apart from it being expensive, but then again isn't everywhere expensive these days?!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

14. It starts in the theatre, a night of encounters.

Today's outfit post. I've got for something different today, not something I'd usually go for. I love it when people wear head scarves but I've never thought it would really suit me, but I've been brave and tried it out! What do you think? I quite like it because I don't usually wear head gear, but I like experimenting so I thought what the hell! :) You can check out the colours of the actual outfit and all the details on my Lookbook page here: