Monday, 11 April 2011

Make it Mine Monday: Asos

I am definitely going for the festival look right now! Especially seeing as the weather has been so lovely recently, it just makes me want to buy summer clothes and new sandals and flip flops! Here's what is on my list this Monday from Asos:

I absolutely love this top! It just makes me think of when I saw Florence and the Machine last year at the Isle of Wight festival! If only I had this top back then, it would have been perfect to wear while watching them in the sunshine :)

I really love this skirt for some reason. I've been eyeing it up for months! It's so simple so I'm considering making my own version, if I can find the right fabric.

I have yet to buy some leather shorts and I this pair are gorgeous! There was another photo on the website with a tie around the middle which really added detail. I think these shorts would go with pretty much anything!
I have a thing about rings recently. All different colours, sizes, textures, themes, you name it! I've even made a couple of my own (I'll post them soon). However I do not have an orange ring yet...could this be added to my collection?

Looks like I'm going with a brown theme today. This cute little bag is gorgeous, don't you think? Great for the festival season! I love the little design detail in the middle and the plait edges, it really gives the bag character.

Anyone else in desperate need to go shopping lately? The thing is, you always feel like that when you have no money... :/

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  1. those shorts are really gorgeous! and the bag... and the top... and the skirt... and the ring. basically everything looks lovely.


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