Friday, 15 April 2011

13. Take me to the beach when the tide is out

My boyfriend took me to the beach today to cheer me seeing as I've been so down lately. The tide was out so we took the opportunity to take some piccies (only a few today), Jack doing his usual funny poses! hehe It was Jack's birthday yesterday and I bought him a fisheye camera so we were taking pictures all night and now we've lost the film after using it all up... Really not impressed :( I'm just praying that it turns up because the pictures were so funny! Don't you just hate it when you lose something when you haven't looked at it properly yet, or in this case not developed the film yet :'( Sad times. But on a better note, we are off to Dublin for four days on Tuesday - SO EXCITED!! We're staying in a four star spa hotel!! And I am so excited to visit all the vintage shops, yes I have done my research and I will be hitting them straight away ;) We're also planning to go to the Guiness factory, everyone has said really great things about it so we thought it would be silly not to go!

Anyone going anywhere nice soon or been anywhere recently? Or has anyone been to Dublin? Any tips or things I should know about? Hope you've all had a good day :)

P.s - Here is my outfit post for Lookbook today, trying out the rounded edges. Do you think it works? I know it's not my best look, just trying to get as many on there as possible! haha. Please check out my Lookbook, I'll take any critisism you have :) Thankyou xx

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