Tuesday, 31 July 2012

153. It could all be so simple

Blouse:  Charity Shop
Shorts:  Greece
Boots:  New Look

Hello lovelies! This is today's outfit as the sky has clouded over with no sun in sight so the legs are covered up today! :( It's quite a simple look as I went shopping with my friends for the day and trying clothes on is always a nightmare if you have lots of accessories and layers. I bought this blouse in a charity shop a little while ago and eventhough it's too big I decided not to take it in as I think it looks quite nice and gives an eighties feel with the big sleeves which I quite like. I have paired the blouse with these red shorts which I bought in Greece last year as the colour matches the flowers on the blouse and then finished with black tights and boots.

What do you think? The photo's of my purchases from today will be up a little later :)

Friday, 27 July 2012

5 Ways to Wear a Maxi Skirt

Hello lovelies! Today I am bringing in a new feature, which I mentioned in my vlog post, involving different ways of wearing a garment. For my first '5 Ways to Wear' I have chosen the maxi skirt as it is something that has taken over my wardrobe this year and I love wearing it and pairing it with different tops to get a different look. I hope you like how I have styled my maxi skirt!

1. Crop Top: First up, and an ultimate favourite for me, is the crop top. I think wearing a high-waisted maxi skirt with a crop top is great for short people like me because it gives the illusion that you are taller and slimmer. I know some people aren't too sure when it comes to maxi's/maxi skirts because they are short, but I honestly think that if you grab a high-waist maxi skirt which just skims the floor then it will suit anyone and make you look taller than you actually are. Having the little gap between the top and the skirt is also sexy and feminine.

2. Shirt Blouse: Second up I have paired my maxi skirt with a sheer shirt blouse. This is an outfit that I often wear, along with the chunky necklace, as it is comfortable and easy to wear and looks elegant and effortless. I usually wear a black and gold belt with this outfit aswell to tie it all in and if the weather isn't great you can wear ankle boots with this outfit too - just because the weather isn't great it doesn't mean that you can't wear a maxi skirt.

3. Tie-up Maxi Skirt: The third variation is tieing up part of the maxi skirt to make it slightly shorter and to get this drapping effect. I have to admit, I have only worn my maxi this way once because you have to tie up part of the maxi skirt with a hair band and then safety-pin it up to make sure it stays put. You can see how I styled it (with the shirt blouse, above) here.

4. Wear as a dress: My forth way of wearing a maxi is by wearing it as a dress, giving a midi length hem. Excuse my cat in these images, she decided she wanted to get involved in the photos today! Haha! So anyway, I have basically just pulled the maxi skirt right up so that it sits just above my chest and put a belt around the middle to add shape. I've always been a bit worried about midi length hems on me because I am quite short, however with this maxi skirt I think it really works and will be a style which I will wear more often.

5. Jumper: Lastly I have gone for wearing a jumper with a maxi skirt. These images aren't the best, especially with this jumper as it is quite long so I have folded it up, but if you get a jumper that sits on your hips it will work perfectly. This outfit would be great for the autumn or chilly nights and it just adds a different look to a maxi skirt. One thing that is very important, I think, is tieing a belt around your waist just to show the shape of your figure, because wearing a jumper with a maxi skirt can make you look a bit frumpy if you're short like me, so having the belt just allows people to see your figure.

I hope you like my 5 variations and maybe try a few of these out! Please let me know what you think and if you would like to see more posts like this. Another one will be coming soon so keep a look out!

Primark A/W 2012 Collection

So I recently came across Primark's Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection and thought I would share it with you all. I know some of you have probably already seen it, but for those of you who haven't I thought it would be nice to share the collection with you so that you know what's coming up this Winter.

The collection holds a lot of different prints and colours from burgundy to light blue to mustard, so the collection is very varied this year which I really love because it gives a chance for everyone of all styles and tastes to enjoy the collection. I have to say, my favourite outfit from the images below is the second image. It is something which I would definitely wear as I often dress quite preppy and I love the different burgundy shades with the white shirt to add more colour to the outfit.

Images from look.co.uk

What do you think of Primark's Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection? Which outfit would you wear? You can find more images by clicking on the link above and seeing some of the garments, accessories and shoes seperate. Below I have put together my favourite items from the collection and items which I will definitely be buying!


Thursday, 26 July 2012

152. I rock a lot of polka dots

Scarf:  Primark
Everything else:  New Look

Hello, hello! This is what I wore to work today, hence everything bar the scarf being from New Look! Today was another gorgeous sunny day and I managed to sunbathe for a couple of hours after work to top up the tan, however I've heard we have a storm coming in tomorrow - typical British weather - but I'm really hoping we don't, we deserve sun from now on!! I also want to shoot and post one of my new features tomorrow so I'm hoping it won't be raining :/

Anyway, on to the outfit! I am wearing another simple, summery outfit today as it is SO hot outside, even as I type it's still really hot and it's evening now, I love it! I decided to wear my navy polka dot shorts today and pick out the white from the spots to work the rest of the outfit. I also added in a plaited brown belt to divide the outfit a little and paired the shorts with the scarf on my bag. It's quite co-ordinated I have to say! Haha. What do you think of it? Do you like the co-ordinated look?

I hope you're all making the most of the sunshine (if you have any!) because I'm sure it won't stick around :( Although, if the weather would like to prove me wrong then please, feel free ;)

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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

151. Humming Bird

Necklace:  Forever 21
Top, Shorts, Shoes:  New Look

Hello lovelies! This was yesterday's summery look as it was so hot! I went to Farnham with my boyfriend for the day to check out his new flat for next year and because there is no beach or sea around there just wasn't any wind to cool us down! Anyway, I went for quite a basic look with a simple boobtube and shorts and dressed it up more with my chain necklace and new lace-up shoes. I also opted for putting my hair in a bun because of the heat, and I'm so glad I did!

Hope you're all having a lovely week!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

150. Always be true to yourself

Everything:  New Look

Hello lovelies! This is what I wore to work today, sort of going for a 50's theme with the head scarf. I am also wearing jeans which all my work friends were shocked about! Haha! I'm really enjoying wearing jeans more often to be honest, I just find it kind of hard to style them sometimes, but I'm really liking this look. Plus my hair is up which makes a change! I used to always wear it up and now it's always down so I'm trying to stop that! Haha! The shoes I bought today after work, along with two other pairs which you can see below (woops!). But I figured, I am doing to sell a couple of shoes which have hardly been work and one pair I paid with using a gift voucher so it's technically not my money...just trying to make myself feel better really!

Anyway, enough of my silly rambling! Hope you're all enjoying your weekend :)

Friday, 20 July 2012

My First Vlog Post!

Hello lovely bloggers! This is my first blog video so please be kind at my awkwardness! Ha! I'm not too sure why I chose to do this in video format, I guess it's because it feels more personal and I wanted to personally thank every single one of you for reading and following my blog, and also to mention that I will be doing a lot more with my blog once I have finished my essay. I have lots of new ideas for my blog and I really want to get stuck in but I know that I should wait until my uni work is done before doing so. I guess I just wanted to let you know that I am still here and I still love blogging despite not blogging as much lately. Life has been very up in the air the last few months so I'm trying to get everything back on track at once, but I've realised that that just isn't possible! So for now I'm taking things one step at a time and hopefully everything will be sorted soon and I can blog until my hearts content again!

So anyway, I hope you enjoy the video, please let me know your thoughts! I would love to know if you would like me to do more of these or just leave my awkwardness away from the video camera! Haha! Thanksss :)

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Lana Del Rey for H&M

Hello! As you may or may not know, Lana Del Rey is the new face for H&M's Autumn/Winter collection 2012 and I am so pleased! Lana Del Rey has done so well and come so far in such a short amount of time, everything she does just seems to wow us! The campaign launches in September and shows the latest collection from H&M. They say they hope the collection will 'inspire' their customers, as well as offer them quality fashion at a very reasonable price.

So what do you guys think of Lana Del Rey being the new face of H&M's Autumn campaign? I think it's really great and no doubt the collection will wow us, and what better person to model it than Lana. Even in these sneak-peak images she looks stunning, I can't wait to see the rest of the collection!


Monday, 16 July 2012

149. You fit me better than my favourite sweater

Jumper:  Gift from a friend
Belt:  Vintage
Skirt:  Oasap.com
Shoes:  New Look

Hello beauties! I managed to find a spare two minutes when it wasn't raining today to take these photos of my outfit. I really wish I had better lighting and more wall space in my house!! Anyway, I went for light, girly pastel colours today as I am fed up of wearing boring colours due to the weather, which is what I seem to be doing lately (not good!). I also wanted to show off one of the skirts I bought from oasap.com (you can go straight to their website by clicking the link on the left hand side of this page). It is so feminine and girly and I just love it! It will go with almost anything whether you dress girly or girly-grunge the subtle dusky pink just adds a touch of colour. Today I paired it with this lovely blue jumper and red belt. I wore tights due to the weather and also wore my black leather jacket as it is quite chilly lately. What do you think? I'll do an outfit post with the other skirt I bought very soon :) You can find this skirt here.