Friday, 13 July 2012

Guest Post on Undercover Dress-Up Lover

Hello lovelies! First of all I have to appologise for the lack of posting, for some reason blogger won't let me upload photos so I have a backlog of posts that I need to do when blogger finally decides to work again! It is also happening on Lookbook so I'm guessing it's either my laptop/internet or where I live. I might try it on my Dad's laptop and see if that works!

Anyway, the lovely Cass from Undercover Dress-Up Lover has recently done a post on me so I thought I would share it and her lovely blog with you all. She is such a pleasure to work with and has such a great blog including blog interviews, outfit posts and even some of her drawings which are amazing! If you haven't already seen her blog then you can check it out here, and to see the post about me click here.

P.s - I hate not being able to upload photos!! Hopefully I'll get it sorted soon!

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