Wednesday, 30 November 2011

New purchases

Hey all! I popped into Winchester with my Mum today to finish off my christmas shopping, however as it was pay day I ended up buying everything for me and no presents for anyone... haha! But I thought I'd share with you my lovely finds anyway :)

Primark:  £10

I've been needing to replace one of my old, nackered bags for a while now and I found this little beauty today in Primark. It's fairly similar to the one I needed to replace, just bigger and with added black details which I love.

New Look:  £27.99

Ahhh, finally bought this amazing cardigan!! I am in love with this colour right now and the medium size looks great if you want it a bit baggy. The knit has got two, maybe three, different types of greens in it to make it more appealing to the eye and the knitted pattern is gorgeous too.


Charming Magpies:  £3

I had a great time rummaging around in my favourite vintage shop today, Charming Magpies. They had just got a delivery in as we got there so the kind lady said we could have a look through the boxes and take anything we liked. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything I really loved in the boxes so I moved onto the scarf box and found this beauty. It's only a short scarf which is unusual but I just love the pattern and the colours and it would look great as a head scarf too.


Charming Magpies:  £12

I also found a tiny pair of Levi shorts too! Although I got home and they are a tiny bit too small :( I am so gutted, however I think I'll cut and fray them and put them on ebay. So if you have a 26" waist then watch this space! They are in such good condition too!


Charity Shop:  £2.75

As soon as I walked into my third charity shop of the day I found this and fell in love. I thought it was a bit of an unusual item to have in my wardrobe, but at the same time what a great way to layer! I love the colours and the pattern and being un-done underneath a cardigan would make it more casual and add colour and pattern to an outfit.


Boots:  17 Brow pencil & 17 Magnetize nail varnish

Lastly I bought a brown brow pencil and some magnetize nail varnish. I decided to try a brown for my eyebrows rather than black because they can sometimes look a bit fierce! Haha! So I'm hoping brown will work better. And I had to buy this nail varnish to try it out! If you haven't already then go and get it! It is so good and really glams up your nails. One tip I would give though is to put a really thick layer of the nail varnish on your nail, otherwise the magnet won't work so well. Below are my outcomes.

Monday, 28 November 2011


Coat:  New Look
Shorts:  New Look
Shoes:  New Look

So this is the beautiful fur coat I was on about in the last outfit post. What do you think? Does it swamp me or look ok? :/ Even if it does swamp me I'll probably still wear it because it is soo warm and cosey! It's just under £60 from New Look so it's not cheap but I got a lovely little amount off with my discount so all is good in the way of my bank balance! Although today I did realise that I have too many coats and I think it's about time I got rid of some. Does anyone know if that 'donate a coat' is still going on with Day Break? It would be good to donate the coats rather than just getting rid of them!

Hope you've all had a good Monday!


Just a few inspiring images I've collected recently, all from Tumblr :)

77. Say you haven't had enough

Cardigan:  New Look
Top:  New Look
Skirt:  New Look
Shoes:  New Look

This is what I wore to work on Saturday so everything is from New Look! I only realised the other day that I hadn't posted an outfit of me in this skirt yet so Saturday morning at around 7:15am I went outside in the freezing cold to do a shoot! Crazy, I know. But anyway, I really love this outfit, it's one that I wear fairly often just because it's so comfortable yet stylish and I love the colours. I added the tan belt to break up the outfit a bit and bring out the colour of the skirt and matched the colour of my top to my boots. The photo's have come out a bit grainy for some reason so appologies for that!

In other news I bought a fur coat at the weekend, also from New Look, so watch out for an outfit post including that! I have been looking for one for ages and um-ing and ah-ing about the one I bought for a few weeks, until I finally went for it and just bought it on Saturday. I'm a bit worried that it makes me look a bit chunky but it is a size 6 and everyone said it looks nice so hopefully they weren't lieing!!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Guo Pei

Morning bloggers!

I thought I'd share with you a Chinese designer I came across recently which I am using for my uni project. Her name is Guo Pei, and suprisingly not many people have heard of her. I wanted to share with you these amazing, inspiring images to show her avant garde style designs and creations.

All images found on

Just stunning, aren't they? The garments are such strong and powerful shapes and she goes into such detail with every piece too.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Times and minds are changing

Hey lovelies! I've been feeling as though my blog is lacking a little when it comes to interesting posts, agree? I just think that I need to add more to it rather than just outfit posts and whenever I have tried to stick to certain topics on certain days it never works because uni work gets in the way and then I don't have time to post as much as I would like to. So I've decided to take the pressure off of having a certain topic on a certain day of the week and just do them whenever I can (not that I've been sticking to that recently anyway!)

I had an introduction to my digital lecture at uni yesterday and it was really interesting talking about social networking and getting work experience etc and realising that 'it's not what you know, it's who you know' and that really got me thinking. I have been trying for ages now to get my blog up and running and get many followers but maybe I haven't been putting enough effort in or enough exciting and interesting posts on here. I know it's not like I have no followers, I have reached 71 followers now so I thank you all so much for following! But I want to keep you interested and keep you coming back to my blog and keep you posted on inspiring designers and artists I find while researching for uni etc and hopefully they will inspire you too!

I guess what I want/need to do is just get more organised and get the balance right between uni work and blogging. Plus, like I said before, I want to add more interesting posts and not just outfit posts. I was thinking of doing inspiring posts, like inspiring images that I have collected over the years and new designers, artists and illustrators which I find along the way. Would anyone be interested in that sort of thing? I would love some feed back and maybe some ideas. I know it feels like I'm always asking for help on my blog and then I never do anything to change it, but after my lecture yesterday it really made me realise that I have to really work hard at my blog if I want it to get noticed and not just wait for it to happen.

Sorry for my essay rant, I just thought I'd fill anyone in who's reading on what I'll be doing in the near future and maybe get some feedback from you guys to keep me motivated!

Thanks! I hope you all have an awesome weekend! :)

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

76. And the only solution was to stand and fight

Top:  New Look
Jumper:  New Look
Shorts:  DIY, Self Made
Tights:  Primark
Boots:  New Look

I have to say, I am loving my look today. I've had this jumper since last year and finally dug it out again today, along with the top underneath which you can only see the collar of. I recently bought a rail for my room because no more clothes will fit in my wardrobe, and since I have been clearing out my wardrobe deciding which items to put on the rail I have found some of my lovely old clothes which I had forgotten about, so hopefully I'll now get more use out of them! Happy days!

Anyway back to the outfit! I've gone for a bit of a preppy look today with the peter pan collar poking out of my jumper and the formal high-waisted shorts. I've made it a bit more stylish with the fashion tights but the rest of the outfit is still very preppy which I love. I've added colour with the jumper but then bought it all together matching the red belt to finish. Hope you like it!