Wednesday, 16 November 2011

74. I'm gona paint you by numbers and colour you in

Jumper:  New Look
Skirt:  DIY, Self Made
Shoes:  New Look

This is what I wore yesterday. I love this cute little baby pink jumper I bought from New Look a couple of days ago. It's so soft and comfy and I thought it went really well with my plum coloured skirt and boots.

I'm only doing a little post today I'm afraid, but more outfit posts will be up in the next few days because I have this week off uni!

Have a good Wednesday! :)


  1. Really like your skirt..was kinda disappointed that it wasn't from a shop but its so cool that you made it yourself really wish I could make stuff like that! x

  2. gorgeous outfit! i love the colours.


  3. gorgeous outfit, i love the colours!
    f xo

  4. Thank you! And Chantelle, I've done a DIY on how to make a skirt if your interested? :) xxx


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