Wednesday, 30 November 2011

New purchases

Hey all! I popped into Winchester with my Mum today to finish off my christmas shopping, however as it was pay day I ended up buying everything for me and no presents for anyone... haha! But I thought I'd share with you my lovely finds anyway :)

Primark:  £10

I've been needing to replace one of my old, nackered bags for a while now and I found this little beauty today in Primark. It's fairly similar to the one I needed to replace, just bigger and with added black details which I love.

New Look:  £27.99

Ahhh, finally bought this amazing cardigan!! I am in love with this colour right now and the medium size looks great if you want it a bit baggy. The knit has got two, maybe three, different types of greens in it to make it more appealing to the eye and the knitted pattern is gorgeous too.


Charming Magpies:  £3

I had a great time rummaging around in my favourite vintage shop today, Charming Magpies. They had just got a delivery in as we got there so the kind lady said we could have a look through the boxes and take anything we liked. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything I really loved in the boxes so I moved onto the scarf box and found this beauty. It's only a short scarf which is unusual but I just love the pattern and the colours and it would look great as a head scarf too.


Charming Magpies:  £12

I also found a tiny pair of Levi shorts too! Although I got home and they are a tiny bit too small :( I am so gutted, however I think I'll cut and fray them and put them on ebay. So if you have a 26" waist then watch this space! They are in such good condition too!


Charity Shop:  £2.75

As soon as I walked into my third charity shop of the day I found this and fell in love. I thought it was a bit of an unusual item to have in my wardrobe, but at the same time what a great way to layer! I love the colours and the pattern and being un-done underneath a cardigan would make it more casual and add colour and pattern to an outfit.


Boots:  17 Brow pencil & 17 Magnetize nail varnish

Lastly I bought a brown brow pencil and some magnetize nail varnish. I decided to try a brown for my eyebrows rather than black because they can sometimes look a bit fierce! Haha! So I'm hoping brown will work better. And I had to buy this nail varnish to try it out! If you haven't already then go and get it! It is so good and really glams up your nails. One tip I would give though is to put a really thick layer of the nail varnish on your nail, otherwise the magnet won't work so well. Below are my outcomes.


  1. Haha brilliant, I was so close to buying that scarf on Saturday!! Love the Cardigan!

  2. lovely buys :) i bought the bag yesterday in black!! amazing price for such a lovely bag definitely :) xx

  3. Haha no way Toni?! I love it! And thanks guys, I definitely had fun finding these bargains! :) xxx

  4. Oh gorgeous cardigan. Well I'd get pre-cut fimo canes because then you won't have to cut them yourself thats what I started out when I got them, I bought them from this website (sorry for the huge link ha!) I don't know if they're cheaper though. You just paint your nails then apply a top coat and before thats dry put your fimos on your finger. Then you'll probably have to put two more coats over it to make sure they don't come off. Hope that helps :) x x

  5. Very glad you posted this! That bag from primark is what I have been looking for for my sisters Christmas present!
    Love the colour of the cardigan :)

  6. Ahh glad to help! It is a gorgeous bag :) Thanks xx

  7. I shall have to keep my eyes open for those shorts on ebay then - I'm a 25/26 waist :) You found some lovely things - I especially love the waistcoat. Very unusual!

  8. Yess keep a look out! :) Thank you, I thought that too that's why I got it :)

    Kirsti xx


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