Friday, 11 November 2011

73. We're smiling but we're close to tears.

Headband:  New Look
Jumper:  Mum's
Shorts:  New Look
Tights:  New Look
Shoes:  River Island

Oh my goodness it has been so long! Too long! I have had so much uni work on recently, as I've said before, but I had my crit for my project yesterday so today I've been relaxing and was able to take a photo of my outfit and have a catch up with my friends. I have next week off uni too (although I still have to do uni work) so there will be alot more outfit posts of new items I have bought and new outfits I have put together recently so keep your eyes peeled! And I will upload a photo of my Men's jacket that I made for my project to show you all :) It's also hard to take photo's recently because my the time I get home from uni it's hard outside!! But anyway, I haven't gone anywhere! I am still here and I am back to blog!


  1. You look great, I love the colour of your shorts :) And I completely understand about it being difficult to get photos in the evening!


  2. Thank you lovely :) There's just not enough daylight in the day during winter! :) xxx

  3. Hey! :D I love your outfit; my favorite part are the shorts!
    I love your blog. Feel free to stop by.. <3

  4. Thank you! I'll check it out :) xxx


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