Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Something to rant about.

Today's post is just a rant, not that anyone actually reads my blog anyway :/ lol So fed up recently..things at home aren't great, mum and dad are still have trouble with settleing the divorce and I feel like I'm just stuck in the middle. My brother never shows his emotions which is hard because I feel like I'm alone in this situation, eventhough I know I'm not. He's just hard to talk to about this matter because I know he's secretly hurting too.

Uni work is pretty much non existant so far. I'm off for the easter holidays for a month and I just can't seem to find the motivation to do anything. All I do is sit on here, look through lookbook and facebook and eat. It's quite depressing. I just need a little (or maybe quite a hard) shove to get me going, you know? I think I just keep thinking about next week when I go to Dublin and then I think about what we'll be doing and what I should take with me :/ oops.

Another side to this rant is Lookbook. I'm a newbie. Although I have something like 14 looks now but only have 5 fans :/ I guess what makes it harder is that my friend has lookbook too and she has soo many fans and hypes, it kinda gets me down :/ I know it's not about getting hypes and fans and it's about expressing your style, but you can't help but feel like giving up when you see loads of people have viewed your look and not hyped it :/ lol Maybe I just have a terrible style? I don't know. I do feel like giving up though.. Like with my blog too. Oh dear, maybe I'm just not made for blogs and outfit posts etc haha.

Apart from my little rant I am ok, just one of those days.


  1. I popped over to your blog from chictopia - love your style and daily outfits - don't worry about the hypes!!

  2. your blog is really cute and i love the outfits! don't give it up - you never know who you might be inspiring :)

    sorry to hear about home life. having been through it all myself, i can completely relate to what you've said. your brother is the only person who will ever fully understand what you're going through as you're sharing the same pain, but you don't have to talk about it to be there for each other. i found it extremely hard talking to my brother, but i just tried the best i could to support him in other ways. things get easier, it's hard to believe at first but there's always light at the end of the tunnel and everything works out for the best in the long run! :)

    talk to you soon.♥

  3. Thankyou so much Sophie, this really cheered me up about everything that has been going on. I have my good and my bad days, but it is hard. My birthday is coming up in two weeks and I have to have two seperate meals to keep them apart :( But I'd rather it that way than have the tension between both of them on my birthday! lol Thankyou for your advice :) xx

  4. I feel the same way with the blog! And I haven't posted a lb look yet, and the more I read about people having the same problem as you the more I delay doing it!!! Just keep going I'm now going to start following your blog ;) x

  5. Oh it's so hard being a newbie isn't it :( I feel ready to give up :/ I'm thinking I'll just leave it for a week because I'm off to Dublin anyway, and then carry on when I get back :) But don't be scared to start! Me and my friend have been on it the same amount of time and she has so many fans already, I just don't understand it but maybe mine go unoticed or arent good enough? :/ lol Give it a go, you never know it may work out for you :) And thankyouuuu for following my blog, it means alot :) xx

  6. well, i think youre doing a fab job!! :) deffo int coz yours isnt good enough!" I also cannot stress how jealous i am that youre off for a spa break!!! Im dying for a spa day !!
    hope you have a fab time hun, and i look forward to your next blog!!! ;) xxx

  7. Aww thankyou lovely, this really means alot! :) Oh it was so lovely to get away and the weather was gorgeous!! Thankyou for your lovely comments Ami :) xxx


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