Tuesday, 12 July 2011

40. She's got you high and you don't even know yet

Top:  New Look (Limited Edition)
Shorts: Hand made from Dad's old trousers

Well, I seemed to just be looking to my right today in all of the photo's for some reason.. haha But ah well! I put this outfit together on a whim this morning but actually really liked the outcome! I love this floral crop top and always have done and it just about tucks into my formal high-waisted shorts which I made from a pair of my Dad's old trousers! I finished off the look with just a basic pair of tights as the weather wasn't great today. Very gloomy and extremely unpredictable. Oh and the belt I love too. It was my Mum's but she gave it to me, and a few others, because she didn't use them anymore. It's navy blue,velvet and it has a cute chain from the buckle to the loop, which I love. I also wore this look with my new little black ankle boots from New Look. They are absolutely gorgeous. I'll post a pic of them soon :)


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