Tuesday, 19 July 2011

43. Gone Dotty

Dress: Vintage - from Paris

I really love this outfit. I bought this navy and pink dotty skirt from Paris earlier this year in a vintage shop, although as you can see I wear it as a dress. When I first bought it I was intending to wear it as a skirt but take it up a little, but then I realised it would look great as a dress. It's not quite long enough to cover so I wear a basic black skirt underneath and along with tights and my red belt around my waist I think it makes a really sweet outfit.

I have also been very busy today making clothes!! First of all I made a sheer maxi skirt out of some material I've had hidden away for ages. After seeing the sheer maxi skirts coming into fashion I've wanted to make one it wasn't until the other day that I realised I had some material I could use! So here it is :) And below that is a floral playsuit I started to make which is for a friend. I've been meaning to start it for ages now but have been so busy that I never got round to it. But seeing as some plans got cancelled today I snapped up the opportunity to start it! Hope you like!


  1. you made some great clothes! should defintiely do a DIY post ^^
    love the dress, beautiful!
    Krissy xoxo


  2. Thanks! I often do DIY posts once they are finished but I'm thinking of doing a 'how to' post and going through the steps so people can make it themselves :) xxx


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