Monday, 28 February 2011

03. It's Monday.

Top:  Ralph Lauren
Skirt:  New Look
Belt:  Vintage

What a polava today has been. Stayed around my boyfriend's last night because I didn't have uni until 2 o'clock, got into my car and it wouldn't start. So there was no uni today and where I've been at home (having to leave my car) I have done no uni work as of yet..

On the up side I have done an outfit post today, as you can see, so I am getting into the blogging now :D And I'm trying to set up a LOOKBOOK account but it sometimes doesn't work on my laptop, like tumblr. So anyway, I'm wearing my Ralph Lauren top today which I am in love with! I went to Paris a few weeks ago and my friend told me about a few vintage shops near by and one particular shop had Ralph Lauren and Lacoste everywhere. It was amazing. This top was only €10 so I had to get it!!

I really should start to take full body shots of my outfits. It's just so difficult having such a tiny room! Any tips and tricks would be much appreciated :) Thanks xx

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