Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Charming Magpies ♥

This shop needs to be heard. My friend showed me this shop today and I am now in love. It's a cute little vintage shop, tucked away down the back alley's of Winchester. I found so many nice things in this shop, although I didn't by anything as I was on a time schedule for the photoshoot, below, however I do intend to come shopping here next week. If any of you live close to Winchester, then come and shop here! It is such a beautiful shop and you will find at least one thing you like if you're a vintage lover like me.

New favourite shop? ..I think so ♥


  1. this place looks so great! Jealous, they're aren't any places like this where i live. Lovely blog dear xxx

  2. Wow, it looks lush! A shop i'd love to check out. What is it called?

  3. It's called Charming Magpies, in Winchester, its so nice in there! And thankyou Sarah :) xx


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