Sunday, 9 January 2011


I was looking through a November edition of Grazia magazine in the staff room at work and came across these beautiful images below (yes I did steal the images from work :/). I recently did a project at uni where I came across a photographer who made the model move and jump around to show movement in the clothing and the images below give the same effect.

 Each image is beautifully done in the way the clothing and the model's hair is up in the air, and each image is different and unique in itself. However, the real subject matter in these images is fur. Fur coats, skirts, dresses, boots, you name it, the fact that the winter is so cold this year people are starting to wear real fur.

So the question is, is wearing real fur acceptable?

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  1. I love the boots in the third image. I don't think I would wear real fur, because I don't really like the whole killing animals thing now that we can make faux fur. I do eat meat and everything though because it's necessary. Plus real fur is super duper expensive!

    xo, Jay


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