Saturday, 16 February 2013

REVIEW: Avet Thermo Active

Hey sweeties!
Sorry I have been gone for a little while again, and sorry for the lack of outfits posts! I just never get the time to take outfit photos at the moment I'm afraid, but hopefully I will have some for you soon :) For now I will just bombard you with reviews and things!
Anyway, I got sent another gift from Avet which I wasn't expecting at all, it just got sent to me! Ha It's a thermal top to use when you are exercising etc. Now I have to say, right now I don't do much exercise as I just don't have the time so it's probably not the best time for me to review an item like this, however as I have been sent it I did take a small part out of my day to do a bit of exercise and test out the garment.
The top itself is really lighweight and not stick-to-your-skin fitted, it's a comfortable fit, enough for you to move around in. Avet state that this product is good for cold conditions when you are outside doing sport which I have not yet tested I'm afraid, I simply did a few rounds of cardio, ab and butt exercises indoors.
Overall I would say this is a really good product as it is light-weight and not too fitted. The material feels nice on the skin and does not irritate and it also retains your sweat (not glamorous, I know!). So as I whole I really like this product and I will definitely wear it when I start going jogging again etc. And I really like the black and pink combo as it's quite subtle yet still girlie, and if you're not the girlie type it also comes in grey with orange trimming.
As this hasn't been a great review, I do appologize, I will do another review on this - maybe over easter - and test it properly to give a full review.


  1. Great but what happened to all your outfit posts, I miss them.

    1. As I have said, I am at uni from 9am to 8pm every day so it's pretty hard to photograph my outfits I'm afraid! I miss them too :( Hopefully I'll get some linned up soon :)


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