Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sunday Summary #5

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Hello you lovely lot!
The past week seems to have gone pretty slowly for some reason. It was my first week back at uni after having a week off (not that I relaxed at all!), so I was getting back into the swing of things and starting my final ever uni project, my final collection! *Que dramatic music and scared face*
I don't think it has quite sunk in yet that this is my final project and final year and uni. All of my love I have been in full time education, going from school to college and straight to uni, so to say I am a little excited about being free from education would be an understatement! Don't get me wrong, I will definitely miss getting a new brief and researching new ideas and creating designs etc. Having said that once I leave I will still be making clothes and even selling them to you lovely people, if you wan't them of course, ha. I don't think I will ever stop making clothes, it's something that I do on a daily basis, and not just because I study Fashion Design. It's a part of me.
Things are going well with my 'use all products you already have before you buy more' kind of attitude. I am slowly getting through my big box of products. I have also started working out (how American of me!) again for two reasons. 1) I want to get fit for summer and have an amazing bod for a lovely holiday (every girls dream!!) and 2) Because I feel it will be a great stress reliever and give me a chance to step back from my uni work and have some time away from it all, even it if does me doing planks, crunches and running! The app I am using at the moment is called 'Daily Ab Workout' and you can see in the image above what it is like. You have to pay to get the full version I think but this is good enough for me. You get 9 exercises to do in the space of 5, 8 or 10 minutes, you can choose, and it shows you exactly how to do them so that you work the right areas and more importantly don't hurt or strain your body. So yeah, loving that little app!
I think that's all I have to say today about my week, apart from the fashion show we had on Friday but I have mentioned that in the previous post :) This week will be full of sketchbook work, reflective journal writing and toile making - wish me luck!
Have a lovely week sweeties!

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