Sunday, 17 February 2013

Barratts Shoes

Hey lovelies,
So last week I was emailed by someone from Barratts shoes asking if I would like to review a pair of there shoes (of course I would never turn down a pair of shoes!) on my blog. I was able to choose any shoes I wanted, so long as they had my size of course, and I chose the beautiful heels above.
I have a nude pair of heels from New Look which I bought possibly last year or maybe in late 2011 so they are kind of scruffed and on there way out now so I was actually planning on buying a new pair anyway. I was scowling the Barratts website looking for some nude heels and found these beauties! They are more of a nude/pink than a nude/brown like my other pair but I love them all the same - if not more so because they will be perfect for nights out in the Spring/Summer.
They are mega high so fingers crossed I can walk in them! But whilst doing a test run in my house (ha) I found that the inner sould are really soft and padded for extra comfort so I am really looking forward to wearing these soon! Plus, they are only £26.00 at the moment which is a complete bargain so if you like the look of them click here and it will link you straight to the page. They also come in black, black patent, black fabric, blue and beige.
Thank you Barratts!! I love my Truffle Peep Toe's!


  1. Those shoes are gorgeoussssss! Wow x

  2. Oh wow, these are beautiful! Would never have thought barratts did these sort of shoes!!


  3. Those are sooo gorgeous! Very jealous!


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