Thursday, 21 February 2013

192. If I'm gone, I'll never be far

Jacket:  New Look
Necklace:  Forever 21
Top:  New Look
Trousers:  Zara
Boots:  New Look
Evening beauties!
As promiced I have an outfit for you! Sorry, again, for it being so long but I hope the wait was worth it. I bought these trousers from Zara on Tuesday. They were infact in the sale for £9.99 down from £35.99 so I was very impressed and thought I'd better bag them quick! I've gone for quite a casual look with a plain black top, black jacket and black wedge boots but adding a bit of detail and interest with my gold chain necklace from Forever 21.
It turns out my friend Victoria was wearing an extremely similar outfit today (twinnies!), and considering we are always together in uni it did look a little funny, haha! I think we may be spending too much time together... My other friend's RT and Charlotte were also wearing printed trousers, my oh my it should be national printed trousers day! Were any of you lovelies wearing printed trousers today too?


  1. Gorgeous post sweetie, love these trousers on you - smoking hawt :) xx

  2. Those trousers are amazing - love how you've styled them!


  3. you look amazing in those trousers :) they look beautiful!

  4. Lovely outfit and a great bargain :)

    I mentioned you in my last post take a look.


    1. Thank you, I know right!
      Oh wow, thanks sweetie I'll have a look :) xxx


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