Monday, 8 October 2012

175. Nothing will break us.

Blazer:  Charity Shop
Top:  Kings of Leon gig
Skirt:  Primark (about 3 years ago!)
Boots:  New Look
Hello beauts! Have you all had a good Monday? I know Monday's aren't usually the best days of the week, but I hope you've all had a lovely day :)
This is what I have chucked together today for my one lecture at uni. I wanted to wear something comfortable yet different and still stylish, and this is what I came up with! I absolutely love this blazer as it is velvet and such a gorgeous colour! It is over-sized but that's another reason I love it. It's just such a cosy blazer to wear for gloomy, rainy days like today, and also adds some colour to my otherwise dull days.
I am also wearing my lovely new boots which I wore for the first time at work on Saturday and nearly lasted my whole shift before they started hurting. I think I wore them for about 8 and a half hours before I changed to my flats which I thought was pretty good! I wanted to wear them to work because I am constantly on my feet and walking around all day so it's a really good way to test how long you can wear the pair of shoes for. I was pleasantly surprised and now know that I can wear them to uni without them hurting :)
Anyway, I hope you all have a good evening! I have a ton of uni work to do...wish me luck!!


  1. That blazer is sooo cute! You look gorgeous! X

  2. You look fab, I love the blazer x

  3. You always have some great charity shop finds! loveee x

    1. Thank you! I love a good rumage in a charity shop :)

      Kirsti xx

  4. That blazer is lovely, you're right about the colour, and you can't go wrong with a bit of velvet in the colder months!

  5. Love this outfit! :) The blazer is gorgeous xx

  6. A Blazer that's velvet?! I'm in love Kirsti. It really suits you!
    Georgia from


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