Friday, 24 June 2011

The Point, Eastleigh

Today I helped out at the third years fashion and textiles fashion show at The Point in Eastleigh. I was helping set things up and dressing models ready for the catwalk. It was so amazing to see how perfect the third years garments were, and to think that that will be me in 2 years time!! So exciting but also so nerve racking!! I took a few snaps before the actual cat walk show so I thought I'd post them up. Also, a little insite into the shoes if you're interested - the orange and pink/orange and blue wedge shoes are from ebay and the white and lilac wedge shoes are from primark, they've just been painted! You can see it on one of the close up photo's but when someone is wearing them you can't tell at all! And I am soo doing that! And on the beaded ones the shoes were bought plain and then the girl added the beads! So clever! Especially when you have to pay out for everything yourself, so the cheaper the better really!


  1. I am so envious of all those pretty things,
    especially the bold and bright shoes!

    Much Love

  2. amazing post

    your newest follower, Michelle

  3. Oh tell me about it! I am inlove with those shoes!! And thankyou Michelle, it really means alot :) xx


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