Wednesday, 1 June 2011

30. Floral & Denim

Denim Waistcoat:  Primark
Top:  New Look
Skirt:  Charming Magpies
Rings:  New Look, Primark & Jwlry

Today I am wearing my new denim waistcoat, which I bought from Primark yesterday on my big shopping spree, and my lovely floral shorts (which looks like a skirt) from Charming Magpies all tied together with a simple black top and tights and three turquoise rings. The sun was out today and it was actually quite hot outside so I didn't go for my usual chunky cardigan, although I did keep my legs nunder wraps today! Hopefully if the weather is nice tomorrow the legs will come out and I can catch a tan after work :) This is my first outfit post in a little while now! I have taken some photo's in the days inbetween but I just didn't feel that they were strong enough. I did kind of think that about todays photo's but I thought I'd go for it anyway as I don't want to get out of the habbit of blogging! I also haven't been doing my 'Make It Mine Monday's' religiously which is bugging me, so I will carry that on as of next week! Although, I must say that there isn't alot I've wanted recently..maybe it's because I'm trying to save! That always fails miserably, but I am going to try!!

Hope you've all had a nice week so far!


  1. I absolutely love this! Your style is so inspirational for me :) xx

    Kaylee Nicole

  2. love love love your skirt, you look stunning!


  3. Oh wow, thankyou so much! Both comments mean so much to me, thankyou :) xxxx


I appreciate every single comment, so thankyou for taking the time to look through my blog :)