Wednesday, 29 June 2011

37. The truth will always come out.

Playsuit:  New Look
Denim Jacket:  New Look

Well the sun was shinning when I woke up this morning, hence the playsuit. I was even out in the garden trying to catch a tan, but then around lunch time it clouded over so I put on my denim jacket for when I went out for lunch with friends. I really love this playsuit. I bought it last year from work and liked it so much that I bought it in a 10 because they didn't have an 8, but it still fits just as well. I just think it's such an easy and comfortable outfit to wear and the colours in the floral print are really lovely pastel colours.

I don't usually talk about my personal life too much, but this is such a short post and I've had such a great day so I'll share it :) I had lunch at the local resturant with some friends at lunch who I haven't seen in ages and it was so good! We were there for literally hours just chatting away and catching up on things. After we finally left I went and met my boyfriend and we took my dog for a walk down the beach. He loves it down there and now he is layed out on the carpet absolutely shattered, bless him! It's a shame I didn't take any pictures, but maybe next time! Hope you've all had a nice Wednesday :)


  1. The print on your romper is delightful! You look adorable, as always! xo

    Kaylee Nicole

  2. Aww thankyou both so much :) xx

  3. I love this look, don't you just love how easy to wear they are! definitely will be collecting them.


  4. Yes, so easy to wear and accessorize! :) xx

  5. Lovee that romper! So cute <33




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