Friday, 23 November 2012

183. Life is full of wonder

Hat:  Ebay
Fringe:  Ebay
Leather Jacket:  Topshop
Dress:  New Look (Old)
Boots:  New Look
Hello! How are you all today? This is what I wore to uni today. I have been wearing my 'fake fringe' today as I am undecided whether to get a real fringe cut in or not. I used to have one a few years ago but it only lasted a few days before I pushed it back and out of the way just because it annoyed me so much! But lately I have been feeling like my hair needs something as I feel it's looking a bit boring and I bought this fake fringe from ebay a little while ago so I thought I would wear it for a week or so and if it doesn't annoy me I'll get a real one cut in. Lots of people already from Twitter and Instagram have said that I should get a real one cut in and I am very tempted! What do you think? (More images below). I have also had a little change of scenery for my outfit post today, what do you think? I do love the simple brick wall but I fancied something a little different today. Let me know your thoughts and I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

P.S - I am only 12 followers away from 300 inwhich I will hold a giveaway for all you lovelies! So please spread the word!! Thanks xx


  1. Lovely colour dress, your hair with the hat looks pretty too :)


  2. You look lovely darling and can't believe the fringe is fake!! You really suit it and that fabulous hat too!

    Eda ♥

    Candyfloss Curls, Cupcakes & Couture


  3. Beautiful outfit m'dear! Love your dress and your bowler hat is just fantastic (I rarely leave the house without mine ;) have a lovely weekend!

  4. Just had a look through your blog. It looks really good :)
    I'm your 290th follower. Good Luck in getting to 300 very soon.

  5. you have beautiful hair!!!

  6. This fringe is fake!?! wow it suits you so well!
    Love the outfit, you look adorable in the hat!xx

  7. You look beautiful! I love your style :)x

  8. Ah you are krazy for not getting a real fringe put in!! DO IT! DOOOO IT! You look LOVELY here. Love the dress/jacket combo and I envy you because you suit hats so much. Damn you!

    Gemma x

    1. Hahaha this made me smile :) I am definitely getting a fringe cut in, don't worrie :D And thank you! xxx

  9. Love the hat on you looks good with the outfit :-) totes go for a fringe to, can't believe its fake such a cool idea! xx

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  11. I LOVE this outfit, it is something that I would love to wear myself.

  12. I think the fringe looks really nice, especially with your hat. I can't believe how natural it looks either.

    Elise x

    1. Thank you lovely :) It's a pretty good match seeing as I bought it on ebay!! xx


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