Saturday, 25 August 2012

Weekend Wants #1

Ahh there is so much I want to buy right now, and I've already spent loads! Does anyone else get the constant need to spend their money? It can't just be me that gets this niggling feeling, can it?
Anyway, I went to Brighton yesterday, as you all know, and I popped into Urban Outfitters for a browse and Oh My I want it all! From socks to blouses to dresses, ahh it is all just so beautiful!! So here are a few things I have pulled out to show you which are currently filling up my shopping basket on the UO website.

I am in love with this dress!! I just love everything about it, however unfortunately it's £85.00 - way out of my budget for a dress.
Find it here.

I'm in love with this gorgeous cut out playsuit! The colour, the print, the shape! Everything about it is just so pretty!
Find it here.

I saw this cardigan yesterday in Brighton and it is so pretty in person with the different coloured knit inbetween the grey and black. I don't think this image does it justice, it is really beautiful in person :)
Find it here.
I've wanted a top like this for ages! And for £16 it's not too bad, although I really want a white one which they don't seem to do. Does anyone know where I can get a white one?
Find it here.
Ohh don't you just love these sandals?! I really, really want these! Haha!
Find them here.
Damn these being £95.00 :(
Find them here.
There is so much more I want too but I won't bore you! What do you think?


  1. They're all so lovely, I love urban outfitters too :)
    They sell those crop tops on asos here's the link

    That's more for you to spen :/ enjoy

    1. Ah thanks so much! Haha! Money I shouldn't be spending but will :/

      Kirsti xxx


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