Thursday, 2 August 2012

DIY TUTORIAL: How to cut big arm holes

Hello, hello! Today I am doing a tutorial on how to cut your t-shirts to make bigger arm holes. Having wide arm holes to show off the side of your body is big in fashion at the moment, and they have some great tops in Urban Outfitters (seen below), but rather than buying one why not buy a cheap shirt and do it yourself?

I found a really lovely deep green basic t-shirt in New Look at the weekend and fell in love with the colour, however I wasn't keen on the sleeves as I don't often where t-shirts, so I decided to cut them off making the arm holes bigger. Here's how I did it:

You will need:
T-shirt  //  Fabric Scissors  //  Pins  //  Tape Measure

Step 1. Measure how far down the top, from underneath the arm, you would like your arm hole to finish. Mine measure's 7.5"

Step 2. Measure along the shoulder line, from the neck, and mark with a pin where you want your shoulder to end. Mine measure's 4.5"

Step 3. Pin a line from one measurement to the other and cut alongside the row of pins.

Step 4. Fold the top in half, making sure that it all lines up properly, then cut alongside the pinned line on the other half of the t-shirt.
And that's it, it is that simple! Your t-shirt should now look a little something like this!


  1. Ah, a technique! I've cut the sleeves off of one of my tops and it's done so poorly so will definitely be following your instructions next time! ;) xx

  2. Thank God for this method, I've messed up SO many t-shirts attempting this DIY in the past! xxx

    1. Ahh noo! Haha! Hope this technique works for you :D

      Kirsti xx


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