Sunday, 26 August 2012

163. We tumble and fall.

Everything:  New Look
Hello beauties! This is what I wore to work today, hence everything being from New Look! I bought this skirt in the Brighton store on Thursday so really wanted to wear that. At first I was unsure what top I could wear with it that was from New Look and I tried this top on as a whim, but luckily it went quite well with the skirt. I decided to clash prints with the camo jacket too just to try something new which I quite like. What do you think? Is it to taste? I finished with boots and knee high socks rather than tights just to make the outfit a bit more fun :)


  1. I love your jacket! Want to get one for myself so badly. :))

    1. Thank you! They do them in the kids section in New Look for a good price :)

      Kirsti xx

  2. I really love that jacket & those socks look so cute !
    Robyn xoxo

  3. i think its the jacket that makes this outfit click for me :D
    lovely :D

  4. This looks perfect, the prints go really well! So desperate for a camo jacket xxx

  5. The jacket looks so perfect with the outfit! X

  6. Love this whole look! Big fan of the dog tooth print right now!!


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