Friday, 10 August 2012

Introducing: Tinsel Tokyo Magazine

Hello! Second post of the day but I just wanted to introduce you to a magazine called Tinsel Tokyo. I recieved an email from the company informing me about their magazine so I checked it out online and I was so impressed! I straight away loved the fashion photography as it is so powerful and engaging - infact everything in the magazine kept my attention. I was not once bored whilst looking through this magazine, it is so inspirational, colourful, very pop and very Harijuku and I am so glad they contacted me.

Here is a little bit about the magazine itself:

'We connect independent artists, writers, musicians, poets, designers, and models with photographers, editors, and creative forces to make things happen! We celebrate art, fashion and culture in the LA Underground as well as take a peek into what’s happening above the surface. We work regularly with professional, top notch industry photographers, but we are also excited to discover new talent. We accept submissions from around the globe. We’ve worked with photographers from Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, England, Japan and more!

It's Tinsel Town meets Tokyo.'

The following iimages have only been taken from the most recent issue of Tinsel Tokyo. To see the other issue's online click here.

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