Monday, 13 August 2012

160. When did we all get so fearful?

Bag:  DIY
Blazer:  H&M
Necklace:  Corfu
Top:  New Look (Very old)
Disco Pants:  River Island
Shoes:  New Look

Hello! This is today's look as the weather isn't too great today. It started out sunny and now it's gloomy and raining *sigh*. Anyway, I based this outfit around my disco pants today as it's the first proper day that I am wearing them, so I went for spots and stripes for a contrasting look. I seriously cannot express how comfortable these pants are!! What do you think of the tro prints together?


  1. I love those disco pants! And the patterns look great together, especially with that clutch xoxo

  2. I love the mix of dots and stripes. Nothing better than patterns mixed well!

    Ava Tallulah

  3. Gorgeous outfit, I love the combination of polkadots and stripes x

  4. Absolutely loving the stripes/spots combo. Those high waisted disco pants look awesome and it's surprising that they're so comfy because they fit so well.

    1. Thank you! Oh I know, I was quite suprised too! :)

      Kirsti xx

  5. I loove the contrast of the spots and stripes! x

  6. Ooh I love these disco pants, and the clashing prints look fab!

  7. Those prints go really well together and I love that the blazer has contrasting stripes, it adds that little bit more. Disco pants look fab too :)


  8. They look better than the AA ones! I love how these prints go together, looks so lovely :-) xxx


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