Friday, 20 January 2012

Leopard Print Madness

I'm not intirely sure why, but for a long time now I have longed for a pair of leopard print shoes. Goodness knows what oufit I would wear with them, but I think it would lighten up a dull outfit when you can't really be bothered to make the effort, you know? It started off that I wanted a pair of leopard print loafers after seeing a gorgeous pair in a magazine and eventhough I have seen many around I never bought a pair. Maybe because I'm worried they won't go with anything or that I wouldn't wear them enough, or just because I haven't had the money to buy any decent pair I see!

There are a lovely pair in New Look at the moment, I have to be honest, however whilst browsing on Irregular Choice today, admiring the amazingly wacky shoes, I came across these two pairs and couldn't help but fall a little bit in love...

There is just something about these shoes. The heel, the slight lift at the front of the shoe, the curved back, the slight seperation of print between the shoe and the heel, I just love them! They won't be to everyone's taste, I'm sure, but then again pretty much all Irregular Choice shoes are like this, infact even more crazy than these with their bright colours and contrasting patterns. These shoes come in at £85 (down from £119 may I add!), oh if only I had the money instead of going through the 'it's-January-and-I'm-broke' stage. In saying that my 21st Birthday is in April, so fingers crossed they're still in store by then! You can find them on the Irregular Choice website here.

And these are the second pair I have been eyeing up. I have to say I do prefer the first pair but I do love the fringing on the front of the shoe and the 'brogue style' stitching. These shoes are a little cheaper at £65 down from £99, you can find them here.

What do you think? Like or dislike?


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