Tuesday, 17 January 2012

91. Passion is your guide

Hat:  New Look
Fringe:  Ebay
Necklace:  New Look
Top:  New Look
Jeans:  New Look
Boots:  New Look

Ok so I finally have time inbetween writing my essay to upload my outfit from Sunday. I was working, hence why everything bar the fringe is from New Look, so I didn't have time to take photo's of my outfit so I took them yesterday instead but then I was too busy with uni work in the evening to blog the outfit. Such a polava.

But anyway I was wearing all black, which is very unusal for me, however I think the chunky necklace just gives the outfit an edge and therefore doesn't need any colour to make it more interesting. What do you think? I bought the necklace the weekend before last, I'd been eyeing it up for a couple of weeks until there were only three left and I didn't want to chance going another week without it. Necklace's like this don't need to have a colourful or interesting outfit to go with because it does it on it's own, it just makes the outfit and just complete's it. I have to confess I didn't actually wear the boots to work as I haven't worn them out for a whole day yet so I didn't want to risk it so I wore my usual ankle boots, but I do prefer the wedge boots. Plus I'm wearing jeans! I sometimes wear jeans around the house but not often, even my boyfriend said he can't remember the last time I wore jeans!

Right, I better get back on the essay writing ban-waggon! Wish me luck everyone, I really, really need it! Have a good day!

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