Tuesday, 24 January 2012

92. Keep your cool

Necklace:  Vintage
Jumper:  Boyfriend's
Shorts:  DIY/Self Made
Boots:  New Look

Hello all! I just about managed to take some photo's of my outfit today before it got too dark. I've been up in Farnham since Sunday spending time with my boyfriend (hence the jumper!). I actually bought this jumper for him yesterday from a charity shop along with a little velvet jacket for me and just bunged the bag in my suitcase without taking the jumper out, so now I have it until I see him again! It's really comfy I have to say, and was only £3.99! I will definitely be wearing this again as it's perfect for cold, rainy days like today. I've tucked it into my high-wasited grey shorts today with a black and gold belt, black tights and black ankle boots. I thought I'd add a bit of a feminine touch with my floral vintage necklace too seeing as the outfit is very simple today. I am also wearing my 'winge' (fake fringe) as I think it looks quite nice with my hair up and you can't see where it clips into my hair which is good!

Now I'm home and back to reality. Although I have this week off of uni I still have uni work to do for my new three week project. Three weeks really isn't enough time to fill a sketchbook, do boards and thousands of illustrations, along with making an outfit and doing a photoshoot. *And breathe* I better get cracking! Hope you've all had a good day!

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  1. Simple but gorgeous. I love pinching my boyfs clothes! Good luck with all your work!


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