Monday, 2 January 2012

88. I don't want to stay without you

Cardigan:  New Look
Scarf:  Charming Magpies
Blouse:  New Look
Rings:  Aldo & Primark
Shorts:  DIY/Self Made
Boots:  New Look

I felt I had to layer up today because it was so chilly out! Underneath I'm wearing my beige, lace detailed blouse tucked into my green, self made, leather-look shorts and on top I've kept the green theme running by wearing my vintage scarf and chunky cardigan, all finished off with thick black tights and ankle boots.

I went shopping with my friends and boyfriend today and bought a few cheeky things, a couple of which are from the new Urban Outfitters store in Southampton (finally we have one!!), so I'll be sure to post pictures of them up tomorrow! For now though I am off to the cinema to see Sherlock Holmes with my boyfriend. Have a good evening everyone!

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  1. Great outfit!
    xx Alexandra

  2. Love the colour of that cardigan, looks great!

    Rosie x

  3. Lovely outfit, the cardigan is perfect, also love the shorts!
    Hope you have a nice evening, the Sherlock Holmes film is so good :)

  4. absolutely love this cardigan, the colours in this outfit are gorgeous!

  5. Really great outfit! I love your hair! :))
    And the color of your cardi is amazing!

  6. I love this look so much!!! Can I have it? can I? No? Ok...
    Any-who... I've been searching and searching for some high-waisted pleather shorts since I was a baby (a long time) with no luck. Then I read that you made them yourself and now I feel that there is hope!
    I have never made a single piece of clothing in my life, but would love to learn especially if you can guide me in the right direction! Lol
    I look forward to hearing from you! Happy New Year!


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