Monday, 5 September 2011

Make it Mine Monday: Topshop

Make it Mine is for Topshop today. I've just had a little browse on the website at some of the new arrivals and these are just a few of the things I liked:

I've wanted one of these hats for a while but I've never found the right one so that I could try it on to see if it looked good, but looking on the Topshop website this one seems to be perfect! It's £25.00 and the colour is right on trend for this season, and my favourite colour right now.

Like I said above, and as you can tell, this really is my favourite colour right now! And I just love these jeans. I never really wear jeans at the moment but every now and then if I fancy a simple outfit then I'll chuck a pair on, but I think that if I had these I would wear them often just beacause it's not your usual blue or black denim jeans. These are £40.00.

I really love this playsuit. I think the simple floral pattern is so lovely and just being on the top half of the playsuit keeps it simple and makes it a little different from the usual patterned playsuits you see. This cute little number is £55.00, which is very steep in price for me, so maybe I'll just make one similar :)

Lastly are these gorgeous shoes! Aren't they just amazing?! I love the wedge heel with the smallest gap in the middle for detail and the chunky straps. They also come in cream and red and are £80.00.

Ohh if only we all had that kind of money ey? :)

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