Wednesday, 7 September 2011

59. We only regret what we don't do.

Shirt:  Charity Shop
Shorts:  DIY
Shoes:  River Island

I thought I'd wear my new shirt today which I bought from a charity shop last week. I love it so much! Eventhough it's a big size I think with the bottom tied up it fits better and doesn't swamp me. I took the sleeves up a little bit this morning aswell as I felt they were a tad too long. I've paired it with my DIY shorts which gives a bit of a formal look but not too much, and lastly I'm wearing my bow sling-back shoes from River Island to finish the look. Hope you like it! I'm off to do my summer project work now up in my new works space, wish me luck!

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  1. i agree, the shirt definetely looks alot better tied up than it ever would if it wasnt! lovely :) xx


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