Tuesday, 6 September 2011

58. With the lights out, it's less dangerous

Jacket:  Topshop
Top:  New Look
Shorts:  New Look
Boots:  New Look

Well, the weather has certainly taken a turn for the worse! It is non stop raining down here. I only managed to get out quickly when the rain had died down a bit to take these photo's, although I am really happy with how the photo's turned out (that's why I put up so many, I couldn;t decide which ones to put up!), I am slowly getting used to having a normal face when looking at the camera! Haha. So anyway, seeing as the weather wasn't great I thought I'd show off my new leather jacket a bit more. I just kept my look really simple today with a plain black top, tights and lace up boots and then added in a splash of colour with my teal shorts to make the look more interesting. I also thought I'd go for a dark red lipstick, what do you think?

In other news I have been clearing out the study in our house and moving my art/fashion stuff in because my Dad said I could use it as my fashion studio and it can completely be my space! Very exciting stuff as my room is tiny and all my stuff is currently scattered downstairs :/ I took a few photo's of my new space. It's no where near finished yet as my dolls house is being moved to my grandad's and the washing and all the junk in the cubby hole will be moved into my brothers room when he goes travelling next month for a year or two, but this is it so far!

Summer project work has already filled the space!

My amazing dolls house that my Grandad made me :) <3

Stuff that still needs to go! It's only a tiny room but I can't wait to make it my own :)

This is the cubby hole full of junk right now!

Like I said it still has a lot to be done to it, but to be honest I'm not too fussed about the decorating part right now, I'm just happy that I can finally shut myself away and just draw and make things to my hearts content and not get easily distracted :)

Hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday :)


  1. aww that doll house is so cute!
    cant believe your grandma made that!
    Krissy xoxo


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