Monday, 26 September 2011

64. They say what goes up, must come down

Shirt:  Vintage
Shorts:  New Look
Shoes:  Primark

This is what I wore today. I haven't done an outfit post in a good few days now so I felt like I should! I really love this shirt that I got from a charity shop a good few weeks ago now. I just think it's so different and the panels of colour work really well with the low collar and neck-line. I have paired it with my silk, teal shorts today to keep the look quite colourful rather than just wearing a plain black skirt or something. Lastly, I've finished with plain black tights (as per usual!) and my unique black shoes from Primark.

I went shopping with my mum today for a bit of retail therapy, and to spend the money I had left over from London Fashion Weekend, and I bought lots of goodies and still came home with £20 so it was a very successful shopping trip! Here's what I bought:

I bought three pairs of fashion tights because I feel like all I wear is plain black tights lately, seeing as I had to throw my other fashion tights away :( I just thought my tights draw needed sprucing up a bit! The first are a pair of fish-net tights from Peacocks and the other two are from Primark, one with a heart line down the back of each leg and the other pair I had before and have hearts around the knee.

I bought this little beauty in Primark too! It's such a lovely skirt and so different. I love digging out clothes in shops that add something different to my wardrobe rather than just the usual. I think it keeps my outfits looking fresh and chic. This skirt was just £10.00!

I love these trousers from New Look. I've been eyeing them up for a while to be honest but never tried them on. When they first came in store I wasn't too keen on them but the more I looked at them the more they grew on me, until I finally tried them on today and loved them! I never really wear trousers or jeans, as you've probably noticed from my past looks, but I love all the chinos and trousers in at the moment so I thought it was about time I invested in a pair.

These two blouses are both from New Look aswell. I wasn't intending on buying both but I just couldn't choose between the two. On the first blouse I love the different coloured sleeves to the body and on the second blouse I just love the delicate detail on the collar and the cuffs, and the ribbon around the neck too.

Lastly, I got these cute knitted headbands ready for the winter. I just thought they'd be nice and easy and add something to my outfits.


  1. I love the contrasting sleeves on the blouse!! And cute headbands :)


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