Wednesday, 21 September 2011

63. You had me at 'hello'

Scarf:  New Look
Shirt:  DIY Dad's old shirt
Shorts:  Self made
Belt:  Vintage
Ring:  New Look
Shoes:  New Look

Hello lovelies! I've gone for a purple theme today, which I rarely do, but I bought this floral scarf in New Look last weekend and I wanted to wear it today. At first I found it hard to find things to go with this scarf, which isn't good because then it means I will buy more, but I ended up digging out these old shorts I made ages ago because the colouring matched and then put my navy blue, velvet belt around my waist to tie it all in. I've also gone quite formal wearing one of my Dad's old shirts which I reconstructed a couple of years ago and tied the scarf at the neck to look like a tie. I've gone for plain black tights like I usually do and my little heeled shoes to keep the look farely smart.

I have to appologise (if anyone even reads my blog lately) for not keeping up the 'Make it Mine Mondays' and 'Tutorial Tuesdays' I have been rubbish with it I know! I do have a tutorial to put up actually but the photo's are rubbish so I might do it again before putting them on here, otherwise no one will know how to make it! I really need to get back into the swing of things! I feel like I'm loosing followers which is not what I want at all!! I appreciate every single comment I get, which I know isn't alot, but in a way it makes it more special and the lovely comments I get just makes me want to blog more!

Anyway, enough of my ranting! I'm going to London Fashion Weekend tomorrow, very excited although I am jealous of everyone who went to London Fashion Week! You lucky things! ;) It doesn't start until 5pm tomorrow which I didn't realise so it's going to be a long day but hopefully I'll get some good photo's to post on Friday :)

Hope everyone has had a lovely Wednesday, mine was spend with the boyfriend which was nice :)


I appreciate every single comment, so thankyou for taking the time to look through my blog :)