Monday, 12 September 2011

60. All that counts is here & now.

Jacket:  Charity Shop
Shorts:  Vanna in Greece
Shoes:  Primark

I have been dieing to wear my new jacket which I bought a couple of weeks ago now and I am finally wearing it! I think it goes really well with these red shorts which I bought in Greece earlier this year. The colours just match really well and with the dark green colours in the jacket aswell I think it just makes the outfit. It's something so simple but yet the pattern and style of the jacket just make the look unique. It has got elastic edging along the bottom of the jacket but I tucked that into the shorts today because I thought it looked better. I also thought I'd wear these unusual shoes which I bought from Primark yeeears ago now. I never wear them but where I want to add some height to myself lately, wearing little heels just to give me that extra lift, these shoes are perfect because the heel is nice and chunky and isn't too high. I do love these shoes because they have a unusual look to them so I'm going to start wearing them more often :)

I have also added a couple of close up shots of me today because I never really look at the camera when I do a full body shot because I have to look down slightly at the camera and then it looks like I have lazy eyes! Although it kind of does in these photo's too but I thought I'd add them in anyway for a change.

Hope you're all having a lovely Monday, eventhough it is soo windy today!!

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