Friday, 20 May 2011

My day just got a whole lot better ♥

Well, a certain package in the post this morning certainly just made my day! I was on my laptop this morning double checking I had paid for some things on paypal that I had ordered, because I am new to this, and I had to email someone on ebay because I still haven't recieved my polaroid film which was due 3 days ago..(getting very worried now as I have never used ebay before :/)..and then the post came! I walked into the hallway and found a little package with my name on it. I knew straight away what it was the 5 stone rings I had ordered from LLYMLRS jewellery website: for £10!! Now, you dont get to choose what rings you get so I was a bit nervous, but fortunately I love them all!!! I thought I'd post up pictures of my new favourite rings and say a HUGE thankyou to Lily from LLYMLRS! :) Go and check out her blog and jewellery store if you haven't already! She has such an amazing blog with gorgeous outfit posts and the jewellery is lovely too!

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  1. Oh! I just love the rings. Especially the pattern and the color are truly enchanting. The rings are really very different and unique I must say.
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